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Work diary 2022

2022 was an eventful year where my two main areas of work continue to consist of composing music for moving images and producing film.

Composing projects

Call of the Unseen (Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Feature, Henrik Pilerud)

aside from being launched in the Nordics on VOD, the film has been selected as a winner at all but one of the film festivals entered. Read more about the film HERE and more about the soundtrack release HERE

White Trash, Geared Up (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Joel Forssell's and my score for the film Vitt Skräp was released. Spotify link HERE Swedish title: Vitt Skräp

It's our turn now (Documentary, Feature, Additional music)

I handed Joel the assignment to compose music for the documentary It's Our Turn Now without the intention of getting involved myself, then ended up producing a bunch of cues anyway. Read more about it HERE Swedish title: Det är vår tur nu

Dystopia (Original Television Soundtrack)

My music for the TV series Dystopia was released on the album of the Original Television Soundtrack. Read more about it HERE

Cok Me Knaz (Drama/Romance, Feature, Johan Häll & Erol Sahindal)

I created the film score for Cok Me Knaz several years ago but a lawsuit with one of the actors erupted shortly after the film’s release in January 2022 and the whole project vanished from the radar. Since the dispute is not yet resolved the future of the film is uncertain. Maybe the music merits its own separate release in 2023? Read more about it HERE

Trailer: The World of Kensei - for 5E (Riotminds)

My collaboration with Swedish role-playing studio Riotminds continued with a trailer.

Black Lake: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)

My Svartsjön season 2 soundtrack was released. The sheer volume of tracks created for the series made It difficult to choose which ones ought to be included on the album. Swedish title: Svartsjön: Säsong 2 Read more about it HERE

To Brenda & Martin (Commissioned music, Single release)

I completed several musical commissions and two of them were released as singles. Read more about it HERE

Trailer: Call of the Unseen (Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Feature, Henrik Pilerud)

I provided the trailer score for the movie Call of the Unseen. See it HERE

We Hunt Giants (Historical, Action, Titus Paar) (Status: Work in Progress)

I’ve embarked upon the soundtrack for high end short film We Hunt Giants.

Trailer: We Hunt Giants (Historical, Action, Titus Paar)

My music for this trailer gained wide international distribution. See it HERE

Rope loop (Dark Comedy, Rasmus Tirzitis)

I scored the short film Repögla for Nordic Narrative Swedish title: Repögla

Producer projects

The documentary "It's our turn now" I produced (and Ehsan Nasari was Executive Producer) released on VOD and will be launched in school cinemas in 2023

You probably shouldn't be surprised if the film will be shown on some TV channel in the future

I was the executive producer of the movie Call of the Unseen that got distribution and release.

Speaking of executive producer, my work continued with several films I was executive producer for.

Among other things, the horror film "The House at the End of the Forest", which will receive substantial distribution in the USA.

As producer and CEO of Tulpa Creatives, our very solid and great work continued to develop

several projects that look to be official now in the spring of 2023. It's without a doubt my biggest job I've ever put in as a producer in the last three years.

I am very proud of my dear colleagues in and around Tulpa and our collaboration with Auxality.

I am included in the film fund Kvinnohistorier, which is a great honor. Hopefully, the fund will be able to help finance many future projects where the focus is on women's stories.


In 2022 I completed 30 digital artworks that will be presented on canvases in the art exhibition "Is the Sky Falling Down?" at Pershagen Gallery with opening on January 14, 2023


It was a great honor to work for Linneuniversitet as a teacher in the Music Production Program and a recurring guest lecturer in Musicology at Stockholm University

In 2023, I will continue at Linneuniversitet and at Stockholm University

Thanks to Tobbe Rydén and Joakim Tillman


  • Winner at Monteral Independent Film Festival - Best Composer

  • Winner at Five Continents International Film Festival - Best Score

  • Finalist at Cosmic Film Festival - Score

  • Winner at Cosmic Film Festival - Best Feature Film & Best International Film (Producer)

  • Winner at Five Continents International Film Festival - Best Feature (Producer)

Thank you

Thanks to all of you I have worked with and you who follow and support my career. You are the best!

Now I look towards 2023 and exciting assignments.

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