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Soundtrack Release: Dystopia

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

I am proud to present the Dystopia (Original Television Soundtrack). Released on all major platforms.

2020-21 I composed the music for the Swedish TV-series Dystopia. This Jarowskij (Banijay) production was directed by Richard Jarnhed. The music is dark, gritty, electric, scary and pulsating with stints of heartfelt drama. I also composed the Vignette.

This Scandi horror was produced by Lotta Westerberg, and the highly acclaimed cast did an excellent job portraying various members of a team preparing for a huge LARP in an abandoned factory in the country side. What could go wrong? Everything. Possessions, ghosts and intrigues increasingly ramp up with each episode.

The cast consists of actors like Happy Jankell (Jordskott, Äkta Människor, Portkod 1525), Johan Hedenberg (Dough, Blå Ögon,Quick), Erik Bolin (Dough, Vitt Skräp, Alex), Maja Rung (A man called Ove, Kenny Starfighter, Jägarna), Madeleine Martin (Alive, Breaking Surface, Lea), Lola Zackow (Bäckström, Maria Wern, Snöänglar), Johan Hafezi (Huss, Rebecka Martinsson, Jägarna), Erika Cardens Hedenberg (The Restaurant, Partisan, Lea), Jonathan Harboe (Grow, Darkland, For enden af regnbuen) and Einar Bredfelt (Beartown, White Wall, Top Dog)

Thank you Jarowskij and Banijay for making this release possible.

I worked very closely with the Director Richard Jarnhed and loved every minute of it.


1. Vignette

2. The Accident

3. Factory

4. Toxic Relationsship (Cecilia & William)

5. The Signs

6. Tess and the Ghost,

7. Ghosts in the Electricity

8. Tess and Leo (Love Theme)

9. Code 14

10. William the Possesed and Kidnaping

11. Dom the Fighter

12. Heating Up

13. One foo the Grave

14. Williams Hell

15. The Funeral of Zacke

16. Climax

17. Chrissy Destroys electrical cabinet

18. Liberated and Imprisoned

Check It out on all the big platforms such as Spotify HERE


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