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Release of Cok me Knaz

The Feature film Cok me Knaz was earlier known as “Ingen så fin som du” and was supposed to be released back in 2017. Things happened and changes were made and finally the movie is released on SF Anytime. On IMDB it looks like the premier happened 2017 but in fact it was only a screener shown then.

The film’s made by Johan Häll and Erol Sahindal with the main cast of Evin Ahmad (Snabba Cash, Max Anger, Ring mamma!, Rain), Mohamed Said (Änglavakt, Beck, Johan Falk) and Samuel Haus (Tsatsiki, Apan, I taket lyser stjärnorna) and Shamal Zahir (De drabbade, Linas Kvällsbok).

The music was recorded with an orchestra in Lisabon and other than that in Stockholm.


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