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Soundtrack Release: Black Lake Season 2

I am proud to present the Black Lake: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack). Released on all major platforms.

2018 I composed the music for the second season of Black Lake (Svartsjön). This Jarowskij (Banijay) production was directed by Richard Jarnhed (who also helped me compile the cues for the album) and Per Simonsson. The music is mysterious with stints of creeping horror and drama. A couple of themes became synonymous with the show and in this season not the least the tune sounding from an old Music Box. But also, the rather sad theme of Minnie (Hedda Stiernstedt) to mention one more.

This mysterious Scandi horror was produced by Lotta Westerberg, and the great cast did an excellent job portraying a group of people arriving on an isolated Swedish island to attend a rehab clinic led by a charismatic life coach (André Eriksen) - unaware of the island's dark past. The therapy retreat turns into a waking nightmare for its buff inhabitants. Male leading role, beside Minnie (Hedda Stiernstedt) was Johan Ceder played brilliantly by Filip Berg. The other main cast should also be mentioned: Alida Moberg, Ester Uddén, David Nzinga, Daniel Larsson, Bahar Parz and Anja Landré.

Thank you Jarowskij and Banijay for making this release possible.

I worked very closely with the Directors to create the rather creepy sound. It should almost feel like a classic but also sounding contemporary.


1. Subtle & String Theory

2. Minnies Theme

3. Mystic Island

4. 1944

5. The Story and Hell Hole

6. Lurking

7. Intricate Threads

8. Music Box Theme

9. All is Connected

10. Room 5

11. Dreams and Corpses

12. Amina

13. Hidden in the House

14. Prowl

15. Dolls and Drugs

16. Sneak

17. Oscars Theme

18. Recapping the Story

19. The Well

20. The Story & Culmination

Listen on Spotify HERE.


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