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Summary of 2023 and what's in store for 2024

These are my professional endeavours in 2023

In 2023, I had a dynamic year as CEO of Tulpa Creatives, working on six films and an investment tool, backed by Kulturbryggan from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. These projects were successfully presented to investors in November.

Photos: Cheyenne Olander

Concurrently, I reduced my involvement in distribution, sales, and composing, but remained active in music creation and collaborations.

I deepened my engagement in the film and music industries and continued various board assignments, including chairing Musik i Film. A notable contribution was proposing an inquiry to STIM on creating a fairer alternative to Epidemic Sound, advocating for better treatment of composers and music producers.

Following the STIM meeting, I engaged in numerous industry meetings, gaining insights into licensing and making new contacts. I also attended 30 networking events, successfully showcased and sold my artwork, and undertook commissioned art projects for the Natural History Museum.

Musically, I composed for diverse projects, including films and a new music group, Clues of Reality. I taught at Linnaeus University, lectured at Stockholm University, mentored a composer through SKAP, and produced 21 episodes of my popular podcast, Filmbranschpodden (with almost 700 000 listenings 2023).

Thank You

All of you that follow my journey (from afar or close) - thank you!

I would like to thank a few people a little extra this year. First of all, Nina Dahlman who is my rock and my partner and mother of my child Hilma.

I want to thank Richard Jarnhed, who I founded Tulpa Creatives with, for his endless energy and creativity.

I'd like to express gratitude for the rewarding collaborations within Tulpa Creatives with Henrik Summanen, Joel Forssell, George Sallfeldt, Kevin Gelotte, Joachim Lennerskans, Carl Kristoffersson, Guillaume Le Huche, Sofia Berg, Henrik Ahlström, Anette Mattsson, Anna Lindström, Lars Gustafsson, and Jan Stigwall.

Special thanks to Tobias Rydén and Joakim Tillman for their continued trust in my role as a lecturer at Linnaeus University and Stockholm University, respectively. Appreciation is extended to Zishan Ahmad for invaluable assistance in various capacities, including support during my first art exhibition. Gratitude is also due to Acasting for their partnership with Filmbranschpodden and to Chris at Röstverket.

I'm thankful to Titus Paar for the opportunity to create music for another of his unique projects. Acknowledgment goes to Isabella Le Gall-Bengtsson for a great collaboration, and the entire band Clues of Reality.

Additional thanks to Alan Adler, Annika Andebark, Erik Bolin, Christer Persson, all podcast guests, Emmelie Ahmad, Rasmus Tirzitis, Jack Martin Hesselvall-Weinheimer, Magnus Malmberg, Henrik Pilerud, Malene Begrup Andersen, Timothy Haug, Bruce Nash, Vivi Vajda, Sara Abouzeedan and Rebecka Pershagen for their contributions and support.

What does 2024 have in store?

Early january I have allready worked with my fellow band members of Clues of Reality and we have had sessions and also recorded musicians in

Argentina, Brazil and Grecce.

I have also composed the music for a cool short film called Lead by Henrik Summanen and Sofia Berg. Without jinxing it too much I see this as a film festival winner. It's a clever script, fun, mysterious, thoughtful, intriguing, in english and well made.

I have resumed working on the podcast and I am happy that Amir Noghabai will be joining as a producer.

My main assignment right now is still Tulpa Creatives and the work with our film slate as well as our investment tool that we have developed together with Auxality AB.

I am still open to collaborations both within Tulpa but also with me as a composer.

During the spring and autumn, I will return to Stockholm University for guest lectures and be a teacher for a course at Linnaeus University (for the third time) in film music.

I am looking forward to another eventful and great year!


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