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Tulpa Creatives receives a prestigious grant

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Tulpa Creatives has received a substantial contribution from "Kulturbryggan", which is part of Swedish Arts Grants Committee. The project contribution is within the program "New financing models" and concerns the development of a tool that production companies should be able to use to make potential investors more willing to finance Scandinavian indie films.

The tool is called Indyfilm Investment Tool and it does not replace the film pitch but adds valuation, simulation of outcomes and macro analysis by third parties.

Together with fintech partner Auxality AB, Tulpa Creatives will now complete the work with the development of Indyfilm Investment Tool. It is a tool we started to develop parallel with the work around financing Tulpa Creative's upcoming slate consisting of 6 feature films.

Simon Kölle, CEO of Tulpa Creatives says this about the support of Kulturbryggan:

It is with great enthusiasm that we accept the grant of Kulturbryggan and together with our partner Auxality AB we look forward to an exciting period of development. I already want to take the opportunity to thank Auxality but of course also my companions within Tulpa Creatives, our artistic director Richard Jarnhed, our head of development Henrik Summanen and Joel Forssell (Innovation & Business Development). Bridging the gap between business and independent film has long been my goal and with the Indyfilm Investment Tool we will be able to do that.

Photo: Behind the scenes from TV series Dystopia


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