Call of the Unseen released in Scandinavia

November 2nd the movie Call of the Unseen was released in Scandinavia. The first weekend it came as high as nr seven on the Swedish charts for Drama and Adventure on VOD.

It was also featured on Stockholm’s Comicon with 40 000+ attendees. The movie has already racked up wins on Film Festival and secured an esteemed sales agent for sales internationally.

The movie being in English should help. The music will also be released all over the world.

Call of the Unseen will be released all over the world and it has been chosen to be featured in the official selections of several coming film festivals.

Right now, the movie can be seen in Scandinavia at: SF Anytime, VIAPLAY, Apple TV+, Google Play and soon also at TriArtPlay, Altibox and Blockbuster.