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Three Premiers in June

Summer is here and June is the month, starting it off strong with not one, not two but three premieres. All projects so vastly different.

First off there’s "Vitt Skräp" (English title: "Dirty Drugs"), a feature film that opened 4th of June on Cinemas in Sweden, for which I wrote the music together with Joel Forssell. That is a project that has been going for a while, finally reaching its audience. Directed by Tobias Nordquist.

Next up, the documentary “Glam, Sweat & Tears” that I produced. The filmmaker is Swedish TV-personality and Documentarian Jovan Radomir. Premiering on Swedish National TV (SVT) Monday, June 7th. It tells the story of Sweden’s first and probably only Glam Rock band and their shot to fame internationally as well as their struggles. This is a Tulpa Creatives project and the first documentary for the company.

Finally, “Dystopia”, a new thriller series that comes out 13th of June on Viaplay. It is my third TV series working as the composer. Director and fellow founder of Tulpa Creatives, Richard Jarnhed, directed all 8 episodes of “Dystopia” and he also created the series with Producer Lotta Westberg of Jarowskij. It is a dark story where I have been able to explore horror, thriller, drama, and industrial music. It is a lot of music, and this could be my biggest undertaking as a film composer, and I hope you are going to love it.


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