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Summary of the last couple of months

Here is some information from some of the recent events...


Since the start of the Swedish Podcast Filmbranschpodden it was clear that it filled a void. Immediately, the podcast became a success and became Sweden's largest in film interviews. Fast it also became number two in Norway and placed on the top lists in Denmark and Finland. Of course, it is very gratifying and gratifying. Many thanks to all listeners and to Acasting who I do the podcast with. Also, many thanks to the sponsor of the Season 1 Ritualen.

Tulpa Creatives

We have an outstanding investment opportunity in the film industry that not only promises significant returns, But also a risk-mitigated strategy for your investment. Tulpa Creatives AB, of which I am the CEO, offers an opportunity to invest in a portfolio of six feature films, a diversified portfolio that significantly reduces risk compared

to investing in a single film.

However, what we have created is much more than developing 6 commercial and exciting films. It is an honour to be part of something as disruptive as what we will soon present. Potentially, it could change the Nordic film industry.

We are proud to have such great team and fantastic partners, both among us and independently. More information about that will come.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked on this great project and of course also one of the founders: The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Kulturbryggan.


Together with Isabella Le Gall-Bengtsson, I have composed music for the American/Brazilian documentary "I AM a Barista" which is about 5 different Baristas in Sao Paulo, their lives, backgrounds, passion and of course a lot about Coffee.

I've also worked on two pilot projects and worked with the band Clues of Reality. Call the music Electronic, Synth-pop, Experimental, Cinematic or Avant-pop whatever suits you.

Clues of Reality (CoR) consisting of: Simon Kölle, Isabella Le Gall-Bengtsson, Axel Nygren, Molly Sandberg.


I have, for the year, finished my work at Linnaeus University for the year. I worked with a talented group of students by music producers and composers.

DRAFTJS_BLOCK_KEY:1pvo6Soon I will lecture again at Stockholm University and its film music course which belongs to the institution of musicology.


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