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Simon to score fantasy feature Call of the Unseen

Simon to score fantasy feature Call of the Unseen

It’s now official that I will compose the score for the film “Call of the Unseen”. It’s a Swedish production with a cast from different English-speaking countries. The language spoken in the film is English.

The director and producer of the film is Henrik Pilerud, an up-and-coming filmmaker who makes his, for sure, biggest project with this project. Writer and director Henrik Pilerud draws upon his experience both as a filmmaker, and more recently as a costume maker and designer in order to create a world inhabited by more than just humans. During the last three years the team of talented professionals working both behind and in front of the camera has expanded considerably. The first scenes were shot at the onset of 2018 and editing started later that winter.

The film is described like this:

“A young artist loses her confidence. An old artist struggles with dark visions. Their fates intertwine through an adventurous journey into the unknown… When her teacher mysteriously disappears, art student Mya sets out on a journey to bring him back. Guided by clues found in her teacher’s eerie paintings, the journey takes her to strange places where she meets peculiar creatures… This story takes its characters into the unknown where all sorts of strange and unpredictable things can happen. And just as life is known to imitate art, this actual production may well take it’s players on a journey through similar twists and turns before our journey is complete.”

Call of the Unseen is inspired by the likes of HP Lovecraft, Kafka’s “The Trial” and George Orwell´s “1984”. In my mind the film breath the same air as many great features such as “The City of Lost Children”, “Amelie” (Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain) and “A Very Long Engagement”.

I am very pleased to start working on this score.


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