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Exciting season composing two features and more

Things are happening rather rapidly for Simon that does hit his stride composing the scores for no less than two feature films the following month’s (“Vilsen” aka “The Loss” & “Vitt Skräp” aka “White Trash”). Vitt Skräp Simon Kölle is composing together with his friend and colleague Joel Forssell and Vilsen Simon is doing himself. More news and updates about Vilsen and Vitt Skräp will follow the coming months.

Aside of that Simon is right now in the mix of maybe being the composer of a AAA game and several of his recently made short’s, teasers and pilots will be screened at festivals or up and running in other forums. Here’s a short description of the latest shorts/teasers/pilots Simon has written the score for:


Niebo see’s the actor Erik Bolin making his debut as a director and writer. The Short is centered on trafficking and inspired by a play that Erik had a role in. The music for Niebo is inspired by the 80’s with dark and brooding thriller elements.


This short is a nice little short with a twist. Directed by Rasmus Tirzitis (the director of Vilsen) and the story are inspired by an idea by Danijel Djuric. To not reveal anything about this clever short not much more should be said.

Jag har din rygg

Jag har din rygg aka “I’ve Got Your Back” is a short film directed by Sebastian Lagerkvist and written by David Nzinga based on a true story. We follow a group of young men and women on their way to a party. Crossing path with a racist drunk things taking an unsuspected turn of events. The score feature everything from Reggae to suspense to drama.


Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren aka The Thronelander have been a project dear to Simon for quite some time now. This pilot became a 25 min + Featurette that can be seen on, among other places, Youtube now. What this exciting project will lead to we shall see! The Score of this film has met a lot of praise and led to Simon getting attention of other filmmakers.

Gotterdämmerung Teaser

This teaser is for a possible TV-series or maybe even film. It’s inspired by Riotminds fantastic game Götterdämmerung and more specifically by Theodore Bergqvist fascinating book Kabal.


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