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Composing with Moneybrother

As I produce more and more films I could not say no to the wonderful documentary were a camera crew led by director Titus Paar traveled to Colombia. Together with the my hand picked crew came Anders Wendin aka Moneybrother. In collaboration with HXP Films, Ankarstiftelsen (who build schools in Colombia) and Moneybrother we asked people to donate soccer shoes and sports wear. So after a short stop in Bogota were the team and Moneybrother gave away shoes and clothing to poor kids they traveled to the jungle. Very few camera teams have met with the Kogi tribe and our team ventured far into the jungle and to places no team (as we know of) have been shooting.

Now, we are in the post production part and as soon as I am finished with Black Lake season 2 I will score the documentary together with Moneybrother’s songs. It will be a blast!

The Team:

Director/Producer/as himself: Titus Paar Producer/Composer: Simon Kölle Producer: Andereas Norling (HXP Films) DoP: Bratislav Stankovich Editor: Lars Gustafson (S.F.K) Camera and Electrical Department – Assistant: Andreas Doyle As himself/Composer: Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin As himself: Börje Erdtman


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