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2018 Year Summary

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

What a year this have been, and much more will happen 2019 as it seems. Here are some of the highlights of the year as a Composer, Film Producer and other activities. 


Black Lake Season 2 (Svartsjön säsong 2) was my main focus for me during the first half of the year. I composed so much music to the series, some you can hear in the episodes, but other cues could maybe be heard 2019 if the score is released. There is interest in releasing the score and that’s of course nice. Black Lake Season 2 became somewhat a hit on Viaplay and have been sold to many countries, BBC Four will release the series soon to just mention one. The project was produced by Lotta Westberg at Jarowskij and directed by Richard Jarnhed and Per Simonsson.

After completing the score for all episodes of Black Lake (season 2) I right away started working with Moneybrother and it ended up being a fun project to score. It all had to be done fast but that ended up being a nice way of working after just been working with a TV-series.

I made a couple of smaller projects such as a Vignette, a commercial and two short films that both were in the comedy genre, a genre I have not worked all that much in. Even the commercial was comedic.

Talks and preparation was made for the score, that someday will be done, to the thriller Vitt skräp (White Trash) that I will score together with my former assistant Joel Forssell. The film lacks some founding, so it’s been put on hold for a while but sooner or later we will finish the score. Most probably during 2019.

Late in the year I started working with the score for a Viking Drama called Viking Saga: Rune of the Dead. The film is an unusual Viking film that’s mostly a drama but also have some horror in there. The director and editor Rasmus Tirzitis and I have worked on several other projects and it has so far been a blast. As soon as the edit is 100 % complete, I will jump on this project with full focus. The film is an American/Swedish project.


As a Producer I am very happy to have truly opened the doors to Tulpa Creatives I have worked together with director Richard Jarnhed on 15 released projects already before and others that are not yet released or completed. In August a first website was made public and for the first-time people outside of a small inner circle saw what we have been working on for some time now. It’s both TV-series and films. We also connected more creators, script writers and business partners to Tulpa Creatives. The plans for 2019 are many and big. Several projects are under development that I am overseeing.

Check out HERE for more information.

The start of the year meant me sending a film crew and a famous Swedish music artist (Moneybrother) to Colombia. It was a great collaboration with Ankarstiftelsen, Titus Paar, HXP Film and Moneybrother that saw this happen. To work in a philanthropic project like this was fulfilling. We collected soccer shoes, clothes and found sponsors from soccer clubs like Sundbybergs IK that gave the film team plenty to carry and later give away to poor kids in Bogota. After staying a couple of days in Bogota they went to the jungle outside of Santa Marta. The goal was to build a school deep in the jungle together with the wonderful crew of volunteers from Ankarstiftelsen. It all ended up a Feature Documentary that’s been sold first in Scandinavia and via one of my international business partners to the rest of the world. The film was my second feature film I produced that’s been released and the third I have sold worldwide.

Another project I am producing is a feature documentary made by Andreas Doyle. It’s called “Det är vår tur nu” (It’s our turn now) and Andreas is documenting the wonderful work of Siri Strand and Emma Westas Rödin who became famous for their podcast Pillerpodden at first but later for touring around schools and a lot of other places having seminars and lectures and workshops about mental health issues among young people. Siri and Emma wrote a bestselling book during 2018 to just mentioned one thing. At the same time as they are helping so many people, they still have trouble with their own mental health issues. Our vision is to be able to finish the documentary during 2019. I am happy to work together with Andreas of course but also Populate.

As a Producer I also sold the feature Jimmy Jones worldwide after a good start within Scandinavia through my long-time partners at Lucky Dogs. I worked close with director Jonas Overton as an executive producer getting ready and later execute the launch of the film.

I committed to helping out releasing a Swedish feature I composed the music for last year (2017) and kept on working with Vilsen (Ave Mater) which was released in Japan, went up on theatres in South Korea and recently also got an offer from a major worldwide sales agent.


Musik I film – Podcast, together with Joel Forssell we will in the end of the year have released a total of 22 episodes and 2018 17 podcast episodes. During 2018 we have had the following guests:

Mikael Carlsson, Emelie Alm, Jon Ekstrand, Hans Lundgren, Joakim Tillman, Rasmus Tirzitis, Lars Gustafson, Titus Paar, Simon Kölle, Andres Rignell, Jonas Wikstrand, Josua Enblom, Maria Lithell Flyg, Jannike Grut, Sofia Hallgren, Urban Bergsten, Daniel Engström, Daniel Bergström, Maria Clauss, Ylva Q Arkvik, Andreas Grant, Michael Andersson, Victor von Schirach, Minna Bolin, Staffan Kihlbom, Annete Skåhlberg, Magnus Jarlbo, Thabo Malmén, Nicklas Hjertberg, Elvira Björkman, Adam Nordén.

Fighterpodden – Podcast about all martial arts, together with Mårten Söderström, Hans Wiklund, Elin Bladh, Johan Halldin and produced by Marcus Söderström. A total of 44 episodes have been released of the podcast and during 2018 we have had, among others, these guests:

Sofia Olofsson, Patricia Axling, Majdi Shammas, Andreas Michael, Jonathan Broberg, Stefan Sauk, Björn Eriksson, Thabo Motsieloa, Bea Malecki, Alexander Pärleros, Josefine Lindgren Knutsson, Malin Hermansson, Sandra Godvik, Pannie Kianzad, Shihan Collins, Lina Länsberg, Anna Astvik, Jeanpier Basaruri, Anton Turkalj, Nico Musoke.

Live Score Stockholm 2018

I hosted the first ever Swedish film festival with music scores being performed live by an orchestra and a choir. I also was the chairman of the jury and hand picked a great jury consisting of (except me):

Richard Jarnhed, Mikael Carlsson, Shari Strandmark, Thomas Lindahl, Alexandra Nilsson, Marina Nyström, Hans Lundgren, Joakim Tillman.

The festival became a smash hit with a sold-out house and the arrangers The Prod (lead by Daniel Engström and Urban Bergström) partnered up with me, Kulturama, Shorts, Musik I Film and Musicians without Borders. Talks about another, even bigger, festival for 2019 are well under way. I am looking forward to that.

My Condolences

We have also suffered great losses in the world of Film and Music. Here are some that I knew or inspired me:

I would like to start of by mentioning my Swedish colleague Marcus Fjellström. He died in September 2017 so it’s not really this year, but I actually learned about his death in Berlin early 2018. Swedish, Marcus Fjellström, was a composer I got to know around 1999 and we followed each other’s careers since then. In TV and Film, he for sure did his biggest work shortly before his Death with the AMC series The Terror. Marcus also did lot’s of works for classical and experimental music and art.

Johann Johansson I did not know personally but he inspired me in my work. Among his film score we find titles like The Theory of Everything, Sicario, Prisoners, Arrival and his last was Mandy. The Icelandic Johann Johansson also died in Berlin.

I am not a hardcore comic book reader but the late Stan Lee, that died at the age of 95, sure get’s my respect. His life´s work was astonishing.

Dolores O’Riordan, of The Cranberries, died at the age of 46. I remember listening to the band mostly in the late 90s, but I truly enjoyed Dolores voice and style.

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