Stories told through music

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Born and raised in Stockholm, the Swedish film composer Simon Kölle came to love stories and movies at an early age. He has studied both theatre and film science, dramaturgy, writing, and film music. After years as a playwright and director, Simon went into music wholeheartedly as a film composer. Some albums later and he was running his own record label and distribution which he kept on doing for 10 years; Simon shifted his focus fully to film music and has since worked as a film composer both in Europe as well as in Hollywood. 


As a film composer his work has received accolades from the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, and John Malkovich, winning more than 20 international awards, as well as nominations, at festivals in Hollywood and Europe.

a variety of styles

a variety of styles
Stories told through music
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FantasyPlaylist_Rune of the dead


ThrillerPlaylist-Black Lake
DramaPlaylist-Black Lake
GamePlaylist-Conduct This

Mystery &Thriller


Game Music

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Trailer (Secret, Riotminds)

Black Lake: Season 2 (Original Television Soundtrack)

To Brenda & Martin (Commisioned music, Single release)

Vitt Skräp (White Trash, Geared Up),
(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Call of the Unseen (Fantasy, Drama, Adventure, Feature, Henrik Pilerud) (Status: Awaiting release)

Cok Me Knaz (Drama/Romance, Feature, Johan Häll & Erol Sahindal)

We Hunt Giants (Historical, Action, Titus Paar) (Status: Work in Progress)

Repögla (Dark Comedy, Rasmus Tirzitis) (Status: Work in Progress)


The Perfect Weapon (2016)

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack )

Drums Of The Deep (Themes From Trudvang Muspelheim, Soundtrack)

Dystopia  (Horror/Drama, 8 Episodes TV-Series, Richard Jarnhed) (alt title: Black Lake Season 3: Dystopia)

Vitt Skräp (White Trash, Geared Up)

(Thriller/Crime, Feature, Tobias Nordquist)

Det är vår tur nu (Documentary Feature, Additional Music, Andreas Doyle) (Status: Not yet released, will be moved up then)


Fear Of The Woods
(Action/Horror, Feature, Titus Paar)

Changeling – The Lost, Red Moon Roleplaying (Radio Theatre)

Re-Releases Digitally of Za Frûmi (Za Shum Ushatar Uglakh, Tach-Chaper 2, Legends act 1, Legends act 2 - Vampires, Shrak ishi za migul, Legends act 3: Cults, Legends act 3)

Dystopia Vignette  (Intro for the Horror/Drama, 8 Episodes TV-Series, Richard Jarnhed)


Living With The Secret Kogi Tribe

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack w/ Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin)

Short Film Music Collection


The Huntress: Rune Of The Dead

(Horror/Drama, Feature, Rasmus Tirzitis)

The Huntress: Rune Of The Dead

(Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, MovieScore Media)

Trudvang Chronicles: Muspelheim 

(5 Commisioned Themes , Riotminds)

The Sacrifice

(Red Moon Roleplaying, Radio Theatre, Mattiaz Fredriksson)


(Drama Documentary, Richard Jarnhed)

(Commercial, Henrik Eriksson/Björn Lundevall, Flb Europa)
Kör Med Mig 

(Drama/Comedy, Tv-Serie Pilot, Emil Lörelius)
Roleplay Podcast

(Intro & Outro, Adam Nathansson)
Digital Re-Release Of Drakar Och Demoner: Tronländaren

(Original Soundtrack Album, Riotminds)
Digital Re-Release Of Res Dej Inte!

(Soundtrack Album, Neuropa Records & Tulpa Creatives)

(Original Television Soundtrack, Tulpa Creatives)
Conduct This!

(Original Game Soundtrack, Tulpa Creatives)

Svartsjön (Black Lake) Season 2 

(Thriller/Horror/Drama, Tv-Series, Richard Jarnhed & Per Simonsson) 
Mycket Pil Och Båge 

(Comedy, Short, Simon Ghamberg)

Red Moon Roleplay Vignette 

Living With The Secret Kogi Tribe

(Feature Documentary, Titus Paar)
Dodgeball – A Love Story

(Comedy, Short, Mikael Bergsten)

(Commercial, Titus Paar)

Björn And Molly´s Wedding 

(Commissioned Piece)
Conduct Ar! 

(App Game, Northplay)
Conduct Deluxe! 

(App Game, Northplay)
Ingen Så Fin Som Du 

(Drama/Romance, Feature)

(Drama/Documentary, Richard Jarnhed, Populate)
Conduct This! 

(4 New Levels For The Game, Northplay)
Vilsen (Ave Mater)

(Original Soundtrack, Moviescore Media)

(Commissioned Piece)

(Client: United Spaces)

(Commercial, Titus Paar)

(Thriller/Crime, Short, Erik Bolin)


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