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Working On A TV Series Pilot


Simon is right now composing music for a TV series Pilot with the working title “De Misstänkta” (which will not be the title). The Pilot star names such as Dragomir Mrsic from “Snabba Cash” (English title “Easy Money”), Anja Lundqvist (“Tusenbröder” etc.), Rebecca Holst (“Svaleskär”), Fyr Thorwald (“Andra Avenyn” and many more), Erik Bolin (“Res dej inte!” etc.), David Nzinga (“Familjen Babajou”), Ulric von Der Esch (“Kommisarie Winter” etc.), Lina Perned (“Ha ett underbart liv” etc.) and Ardalan Esmailli. Simon will produce the music. Simon is composing the score toghether with Joel Forssell.

The Pilot is produced by Mikael Cross Film with the producers Mikael Eriksson and Tobias Nordquist from Bluegrass Productions. The Pilot is directed by Richard Jarnhed and written by Petra Sandqvist.

Expressen, one the most read Swedish newspapers wrote an article about the film. Read it here.


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