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Wonderful Reviews of The Huntress: Rune of the Dead Soundtrack

The Score I made for "The Huntress: Rune of the Dead" have been given love from many media outlets all over the World. I am very greatful for it. Here are some qoutes from the Reviews:

"There is a dark and deep almost guttural pulsating and ominous sound to the score, with even the more melodious moments including an underlying sense of uneasiness. The composer also gives the work a folk or rustic sound via the instrumentation he brings into play to create a dramatic but at the same time a pleasing soundtrack. The score also features the work of Swedish Artist and performer who Mohlavyr places her own unique sound upon the work which is ethereal and alluring. The track THE VIKING FAMILY is probably the best cue in which to hear the combined efforts of the composer and artists Runberg and Mohlavyr. It is a haunting and very enjoyable listening experience, with subtle musical colours and an assortment of textures combining to fashion an attractive and somewhat hypnotic sound. There are numerous sounds and styles within this work, it has to it a subtleness in places, and intimacy and fragility, but there is also a raw, driving and hard-hitting musical entity that raises its head every so often to great effect. The combination of so many sounds and styles make for a soundtrack that is innovative and entertaining." - Jonman @ Movie Music International, MMI

"The Music is just stunning! I would go so far to call it a masterpiece. The atmosphere of the whole Movie is neat. I like it that it's not all out action and it's kind of slow paced at times. It's refreshing." - Wisam @ Macbottle

"Simon Kölle, a prolific member of the film music community, a film producer, script writer and (most importantly) composer, has written a capitivating original score for the Viking adventure, "The Huntress: Rune of the Dead". This is by far the most authentic sounding score for a Viking movie we've heard: Kölle collaborated with riksspelman Per Runberg and emplyed a lot of indigenous instruments, including various string instruments and the haunting cow horn. Epic, but also poetic and restrained, atmospheric and ominous, this is a really unique score! Check it out - the album is available on download and streaming platforms now!" - Mikael Carlsson, MovieScore Media, Screamworks Records

"In fact, The Huntress soundtrack contains some of the best music ever written for this genre" - Musical Zone Japan

"I felt it was a piece of art, with the pictures, sound environment and soundtrack weaving together so well I want to go back and just enjoy it again, this is so true, especially the music I will look up and see if I can listen on spotify. Thats the power of good cinema!" - Tobias, 160-448561

"The Music is just wonderful and have great depth. Made by seasoned composer Simon Kölle and additional Music by a man with the name of Per Runberg. I had to google Per, and he seem to be a big name in the Swedish folk Music scene. The match seems to be made in Valhalla (pun intended) as the Music many times exceeds Wardruna and other Viking bands. It's both classical film Music and period Music mixed with great care. The score must have cost half the budget of the film as it would fit in any bigger Hollywood production with ease. Also, a shout out to the sound of the film which I really enjoy, and much comes down to just superb mixing! One more thing about the music, without spoiling, it's actually a song that's very important for the story and I must say I am especially fond of how it is melted into the music score in sometimes just hints and other times obvious ways. Stunning!" - Karl Rickardsson

"The music is worldclass. Folk-like, sombre and classical" - Mazhar Dere & Cansel Akarsu - Yeşilçam (Cinema of Turkey)

"Great work of Simon Kölle, a composer who worked in the past in Hollywood." - Lazona Muerta

"I found the soundtrack fitting" - Wiked Gamez

"Best Original Score this quarter" - Palm Springs International Film Festival

"The music were phenomenal in The Huntress: Rune of the Dead" - Zen Movie

Swedish reviews:

"Musiken passar kanoners i den här filmen! Det är lite sådär drag av Isländska 'Joker-stråkar'. Han heter Simon Kölle som gjort musiken och han är skitduktig. Han skapar stämning med ganska traditionella toner." - Snacka om Film!

"Filmen imponerar på både ögon och öron, med miljöer, foto, musik och kostymer." - Karolina Fjellborg, Aftonbladet

Det här är en väldigt, VÄLDIGT snygg film. Fotot av Marcus Möller (”Avicii: True Stories”) är exceptionellt och håller högsta klass. Det ackompanjeras effektfullt av den minst lika vackra musken som Simon Kölle (”Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning”, ”The Perfect Weapon”, ”Moneybrother möter den mystiska Kogistammen”) komponerat. Högsta betyg till dessa båda herrar! - Tellusfilm

"Stämningsfullt Soundtrack!" - Barrikaden

"Otroligt vacker filmmusik som förstärker hela härligheten. Mycket bra!" - TT Filmpodcast

"Den är väldigt välgjord. Både musiken och bild. Den känns proffsig." - Soffhjältarna


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