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Winner of Best Composer at Montreal Independent Film Festival

“The seasonal edition (Winter) of Montreal Independent Film Festival brings together independent filmmakers and artists from all over the globe. The festival's popularity has grown in the past years, and it has ranked as one of the most popular Canadian film festivals, dedicated to international film projects. The winners of the seasonal festival go through another round of programming for the annual festival which happens in late spring of every year as a hybrid event with Cinema du Parc of Montreal in association with MIFF channel and MIFF magazine. Montreal Independent Film Festival is dedicated to the spirit of indie filmmaking and the language of cinema. It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the latest seasonal edition of 2022.

Best Composer: Simon Kölle

It is of course an honour to win this price for my music to the movie Call of the Unseen. The score is diverse but creates sort of a red thread in the movie.

I would like to thank Director, Script Writer and Producer Henrik Pilerud, my musicians and Danijel Djuric who mixed the music and also was the sound designer. Also of course a big shoutout to all the cast and crew!

Listen to the soundtrack at almost all digital platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazon, iTunes etc.


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