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Vitt Skräp (Geared Up) Soundtrack Released

I am proud to present the Original Soundtrack for the movie “Vitt Skräp” (English. Title. “Geared Up,” earlier “White Trash”) which me and Joel Forssell composed.

The score illustrates and musically portray the family which this movie centers around. It’s dark, gritty and if you listen closely, you early actually could understand how everything is connected.

Musically you get to know the main character Sami (Ola Rapace) via people around him. It’s the brothers (Erik Bolin & Peter Viitanen ), the returning troubled seeker Kim (Ida Engvoll), the Old Man (Donald Högberg), Kim’s son Omar (Dakota Trancher Williams ), and the criminal inhabitants of the small Swedish town during the 80s (Peter Eriksson, Fredrik Wagner, Alan Adler and more).

The straightforward way to go here would be for us to make a typical 80s score but director Tobias Leo Nordquist wanted something else. It’s synthetic but yet very organic and we incorporated sound sometimes almost in the style of a twisted Western movie. The “Cowboy” riding into town would be Sami and then the journey down the hill starts. It looks like it was all just a coincidence that he came to this small town but really is not. It’s all connected.

Produced by Mikael Cross and Eiffel Mattsson

Also a shoutout to sound guys Ken Skoglund, Gustav Uddgård, Lasse Liljeholm, Emil Hemström and Martin Sandström.

Edited by Lars Gustafson and Johan Lindvall.

The album is released on almost all known platforms such as Spotify, Tidal, iTunes etc.

Thank you, Joel! I genuinely loved to collaborate with you once again.


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