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The score for Vilsen is now finished

Simon had the score almost done 100 % early 2015 but have had the time to adjust some cues and just the other day he recorded Brass, Woodwinds and Strings with a chamber orchestra.

Simon would like to thank the 52 people big music department of Vilsen which includes a choir, chamber orchestra and other musicians.  The mixer Eki Sienis Joisalo of Electric Rhyme Production has been vital in the finish and also the arranger (of the choir) Joel Forssell.

Simon is proud of the final result. See the credits below.

It’s a lot of music in the film Vilsen and the choir sings in both Latin and Summerian.

CREDITS (music)

Composer: Simon Kölle Solo Cello: Peter Gregson Other instrument: Simon Kölle The Choir: Lidingö Kammarkör Lyrics and Melodies: Simon Kölle Arranger: Joel Forssell C onductor and solo tenor: Johan Holgersson Sound tech at the Choir recordings: Oscar Sedemark

Sopranos: Christina Taube, Anna Lena Carlsson, Carolina Moodysson, Hanne Westin, Karin Ekberg, Linda Sjöstrand, Åsa Soxbo, Katja Dalne.

Altos: Agneta Stark, Brita Lanning, Malin Tesfazioni, Peggy Darenberg, Vendela Parrow.

Tenors: Fredrik Brolund, Gabor Fennyes, Johan Stenberg, Johan Holgersson.

Basses: Anders Larsson, Björn Norrlind, Björn Wrangsjö, Lars Kristoffersson, Sigge Rahmqvist.

Brass: Jonas Arvidsson, Klas Martinsson, Sofia Fegerberg, Andreas Persson

Woodwinds: Klas Martinsson, Sara Broberg, Christian Broberg

Strings: Andre Lindkvist, Jonas Arvidsson, Saga Alm, Nathalie Lindgren

Other songs in the film not composed by Simon:

“Vilsen och Rädd” (Lost To Be Found) Vocals: Nina Söderqvist Music by: Johan Sjöberg Swedish Lyrics: Sara Varga, Nina Söderqvist, Johan Sjöberg English Lyrics: Paul Rein, Peter Grönwall, Johan Sjöberg

“Up To You” by Roof Down, produced and mixed by Johan Sjöberg.

+ ett secret band


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