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The Perfect Weapon Soundtrack album now released

The Perfect Weapon (2016) soundtrack album has now been released, available on all digital platforms. This action movie, hinting back to the old action flicks of the early 90s and 80s is starring Steven Seagal (Under Siege, On Deadly Grounds), Johnny Messner (Tears of the Sun, Hostage), Sasha Jackson (Rich Boy Rich Girl, Fuller House), Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down, Battlefield Earth), Vernon Wells (Commando, Mad Max 2) and directed by Titus Paar.

The Perfect Weapon truly devided the audience when it came out 2016. At one point it were nr 1 on Netflix in US though.

The music is action oriented and with purpose saying "hello" to older the action movies back in the days.

In the near future, a totalitarian government organization runs all aspects of life and sends out elite assassins to eliminate any enemies. When their best operative fails to kill an opposition leader, he sets off an unforeseen chain of events.


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