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Summer camp

Almost every summer Simon try to squeeze in a couple of weeks running a camp together with a bunch of awesome Camp Leaders. The summer camp has a special meaning to Simon as he was there himself as a child and now a days he loves to give back what he was given. The organization that’s behind the camp is called Unga Örnar which is connected to the workers movement, since 1933 though not supporting any specific political party. Together with the local sports centre (SIK) and ultimatly funded by the city of Sundbyberg the camp is a great place for youth to spend the summer.

On the schedule are a lot of typical activities but also a couple of grand ones such as a scary walk in the woods among “ghosts” and other “killers” (of course with Simon’s music sounding everywhere), Eldborgen (Fire Castle) which is really dificult game were the children try to enter “the castle” (that particular game is taken deadly serious among the leaders and help from the outside is even brought in, the game first began in the 70s and only a couple of children has made it), hiking, Disco and a lot more.

Sometimes it’s not easy to write Simon


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