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Simon featured on a major conference in New York

Simon will today be featured on a major conference in New York where Licensors, Publishers and Music Supervisors gather. Simon’s friend and sometimes co worker Joel Forssell and the label mates Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg will also be featured on the conference. To be highlighted this way is a great honor and further more a great opportunity to get exposure and more than that representation in the US.

Due to the informal nature of the conference more information cannot be shed here but if you are interested in licensing some of Simon’s songs and cues don’t hesitate to contact him:

Note: Simon will not enter any license library (catalogue) like for an example the Swedish “Epidemic Sounds” as he don’t beleive in that model and think it acuatally hurts the composer’s greatly. However if you are interested in some of Simon’s cues or want to hire him to write something new do not hesitate to contact him.


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