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Scored Riotminds Trailer the World of Kensei for 5E

I have worked several years with Game Studio Riotminds which mainly create RPG: s. Their upcoming game The World of Kensei - for 5E is a world setting and rules for Dungeons and Dragons* 5E players.

The World of Kensei is a place of great heroes and stark evil, encompassing lands of ancient myths and high peril. Brave warriors dare the ancient shrines of the old gods, now home to evil creatures. These are the lands of Tatsu, a new continent of beauty and ages-old evil. Tatsu is yours to adventure in, defend, shape, and rule.

Set sails from the realms that were forgotten, or the lands of the gray hawks, or whatever homebrew setting you might have.

The World of Kensei is written and designed by the award-winning team behind Trudvang Chronicles, LexOccultum, and Ruin Masters. Trudvang Chronicles was voted "The most anticipated game" by the EnWorld community.


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