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Score for We Hunt Giants finished

The pilot/proof of concept short film We Hunt Giants is a movie about pre cavemen fighting dinosaurs. It’s not historical correct but the dinosaurs are based on real sources. The movie already got some traction before its release. The stunning VFX made by Andreas Feix and the sound design by Danijel Djuric are both being praised internationally. The music is gritty and epic. I worked with two assistants which I like to thank, Axel Nygren & Isabella Le Gall-Bengtsson.

Director/Producer: Titus Paar Visual Effects: Andreas Feix Editor: Rasmus Tirzitis Music: Simon Kölle Sound: Danijel Djuric Cinematopraphy: Andres Rignell Production Design: Faravid af Ugglas Actors: Magnus Samuelsson, Urban Bergsten, Andreas Rylander

The rest of the credtis: See IMDB


In a world where cavemen and dinosaurs share the world, a tribe is plagued by a man-eating giant T-Rex that hunts them all. Rougu, the son of the village chief, has had his woman and the whole village captured by the witch doctor’s tribe in the same area. They believe that the only way to calm the beast is to sacrifice her beautiful flesh. Rougu and his father realizes that the only way to save his woman and their village is to do what no man has ever done before... Hunt the Giant.


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