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Remembering a great review

Suddenly Simon remembered a review, of his CD with Musterion entitled “The Wondrous Journey through the Catacombs of Life”, published in “Judas Kiss”. This particular review was so well written that Simon has not forgot it even though it was written a couple of years back. The review began like this:

From the maddening labyrinths of Kafka and Lovecraft to the subverted reality of auteurs such as David Lynch, the mind has served as centre stage upon which a theatre of disorder is arrayed and played out. It is only natural then, that such theatre sits comfortably also within a purely audible medium. Simon Kölle, having a background in theatre and music, is well placed to further explore the demonic shades of the subconscious through his compositions.

The writer of this great review is named Michael Cunningham and the review was later on published in several magazines and webpages. You can read the complete review HERE. Simon, has during the year, got some really great reviews and this is one of them.


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