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Release of Themes Retold

🎶 Exciting Release: Themes Retold - New Arrangements of Simon Kölle's Film & TV Scores 🎶

From the official press release from Red Feather below:

We at Red Feather are thrilled to announce the release of "Themes Retold", a captivating new album featuring fresh arrangements of Simon Kölle's iconic film and TV scores. This collection brings a unique and contemporary twist to beloved themes, performed by an ensemble of 176 talented musicians. Dive into the world of cinematic music with these reimagined pieces, each with its own story and inspiration.

1.      Interludium/Kattis Strof: Originally heard from Za Frûmi, based on a melody created by Simon Kölle at age 14. This live performance by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra was recorded at Skansen in Stockholm and aired on SVT in 2007.

2.      Fear of the Woods: This piece evolves from the main theme and overture, reminiscent of grand scores like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (with no direct musical similarities). From the film Fear of the Woods, directed by Titus Paar.

3.      Music Box Theme: A prominent theme from Black Lake Season 2, now enriched with strings and solo violin. Directed by Richard Jarnhed and Per Simonsson.

4.      Going Beyond: From the film Call of the Unseen, this arrangement pays homage to John Carpenter. Directed by Henrik Pilerud.

5.      Cok me knaz: Recorded with an orchestra, this piece takes on a classic style. From the film Cok me knaz, directed by Erol Sahindal and Johan Häll.

6.      The Perfect Intro: Inspired by the music of 70s and 80s Rocky films by Bill Conti and classic heist films. From The Perfect Weapon, directed by Titus Paar.

7.      Main Theme and Gabriella: From the film Ave Mater, this piece features strings, guitar, and piano, capturing the essence of The Ninth Gate while staying true to the original. Directed by Rasmus Tirzitis.

8.      Res dej inte! The Main Theme: Originally performed with violin and guitar, this new arrangement focuses on dark electronic music, reminiscent of the Drive soundtrack. Directed by Richard Jarnhed.

9.      Minnies Theme: From Black Lake Season 2, primarily featuring vibraphone, cello, and strings in an archaic style. Directed by Richard Jarnhed and Per Simonsson.

10.  The Funeral of Zacke: From the TV series Dystopia, this scaled-down version is performed with piano, violin, and cello. Directed by Richard Jarnhed.

11.  The Road is Life: A theme available for licensing, now presented in a country style.

Creating this album has been an honor, Simon says, collaborating with exceptional talents to rediscover and reimagine themes from my past scores. A heartfelt thanks goes out from Simon to the brilliant David Österberg, Kristoffer Bjervås, Jacob Örnberg, Tom Wansbury who worked on the pieces with Simon during their internships, and the wonderful talents Isabella Le Gall Bengtsson and Axel Nygren who contributed to The Road is Life.

🎧 Experience the magic of "Themes Retold" and let these new arrangements transport you into the world of cinematic music. Available now on all major streaming platforms. 🎶

Titus Paar now have edited material from the alternate arrangement from Fear of the Woods and put the music on as medley.


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