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Music to a psychological LARP experiment

Simon composed the music for the unique event called “The Solution”. 110 minutes of music were played constantly for 40+ hours.

About the project: The Solution Project, a participatory art project about a fictional psychological and sociological experiment. It will be played between 17th of June and 19th of June in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you are new to participatory art or Nordic-style larp, you can read more about what it means here:

In 2018, the program known as The Solution was funded and approved. It was created to subject participants to a designed environment in order to study their behavior. Each Solution facility was designed differently, to study different parts of the human condition.

It is now 2020. You have volunteered or been selected to take part in a study at one of the Solution facilities.

Here, you will be stripped of what you are and remade, in order to help the betterment of humanity.

This is Solution Facility #3


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