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Greek Short Film And A Busy Autumn

From a scene in “Destin”

Simon has composed, mastered and mixed a lot during the course of the autumn. The debuting, epic, dark fantasy inspired, cinematic music group called Aardia worked closely with Simon in several month’s to create a stunning album, they before working with Simon had worked on for almost two years, which will be released on Waerloga Records early 2011. Simon has also kept working with intro’s, cues to TV-shows and mastering albums on demand throughout the autumn.

Today Simon finished a remake of a soundtrack (made by Vincent Andelmoth) to a short art film made by the famous greek multimedia artist namned John Santerineross. The Short film is called Destin and the soundtrack is more or less dark ambient horror music with hints of mysticism and psychological drama. The score, made by Simon, will be featured in a compilation released 2011. See the short film Destin, here.

The cover and digipack back on the upcomming debut album of Aardia which Simon both mixed, mastered and worked closely with during the whole autumn


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