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Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren preliminary finished

After a lot of work Simon has made a preliminary score for Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren. The Featurette looks to have its premier on Göteborg Film Festival, the leading film festival in Scandinavia and one of the largest festivals in the world, in late January 2013. Last weekend Simon and his assistant Joel Forssell recorded a choir on a ship in central Stockholm. The ship is named Vieille Montagne and serves as a place for parties and conferences but originally was a cargo ship.

Joel has been a great asset during the work with the film and he has also been the one arranging the Choir, rehearsed with it and help in any way he could. The Choir consisted of people from different choirs and even a Film Critic. You can see a bunch of pictures of the choir below.

A preliminary score had to be made so the Film Festival could get a copy in time to review. The score will be complete late 2012. The project is unique in Sweden and Simon is thrilled to be working with it and looks forward to working on a feature film later on.

Simon liked to thank Joel, Roger Hult (Sound engineer) and most of all the whole choir!Music samples will be uploaded as a Christmas gift to all you fans of this great film.


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