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Composing for two Video Games

The Game Assembly with teams UFOmannen and DearMother has created two video games that Simon composed for.

The first game is called “The Dweller” and it’s a hack n Slash-game were the player play a Wizard who uses his talking blade and magic to hack through hordes of crunchy worms.

The second game is called Imperial Entanglement and in that game you play a Looter on a desolate desert planet were a great war once was held.

In Imperial Entanglement the main character get help from friends that can provide her with sniper cover, mortar cover, healing and more. She keep on talking with her pilot via com link during the expeditions.

For the Dweller mostly old compositions was used and such that has not been released but composed for other projects. On Imperial Entanglement Simon composed new music.

Read more about The Game Assembly below:

In their own words:

The Game Assembly is an 2,5 year long game production education giving the students 550 YH-points. Since we are an Advanced Vocational Education (Yrkeshögskola) one third of the education is spent at a workplace (Lärande i arbete, LiA). At The Game Assembly the LiA is placed in the last period of the education. This is a direct request from the Swedish games industry since game developing games is such a complicated and demanding process.

We want applications from men and women that have determination, drive, dedication, a passion for games and talent for what he or she wants to do, game art, leveldesign or game programming.

The industry The Game Assembly is collaborating with, and is educating people for, is the games industry, national and international. Sweden has a long tradition of game development and is highly regarded internationally with acclaimed titles. To maintain the high quality in the Swedish games there is a need for educations taking care of the next generations game developers, and The Game Assembly´s goal is to provide the industry with the very best together with the industries help and support.

The Game Assembly’s curriculum´s, in Game art, Leveldesign and Game programming, is written by the Swedish games industry and we continously have a dialogue about how to be in the frontier of game production.


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