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Awards for The Huntress - Rune of the Dead

It's now announced that I won the Gold Award for "Best Original Score" at Queen Palm Film Festival (first quarter 2020) and will compete agains other Winners on the Annual event in 2020. I am of course grateful and happy.


-The film also won as "Best Feature: Action/Mystery/Thriller" -Best Original Score - Simon Kölle -Best Cinematography (Feature) - Marcus Möller -Best Young Actress (Feature) - Viva Östervall Lyngbrant (Bothild) -Best Supporting Actress (Feature) - Yohanna Idha (Magnhild) -Best Costume Design (Feature) - Faravid Svalfors Af Ugglas

Bronze -Best Supporting Actor - Peter Mörlin (Joar)

Honorable Mentions: -Best Producer (Feature) - Rasmus Tirzitis, Faravid Svalfors Af Ugglas, Simon Kölle -Best Sound Design - Firoze Patel, Eki Jokisalo (Electric Rhyme Productions), Kaizad Patel


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