North American trailer of The Huntress – Rune of the Dead

Once it was titled “Viking Saga: Rune of the Dead” but closing in on the release the film have a new title. The official title will be “The Huntress – Rune of the Dead”.

An North American trailer, with focus on the more scary parts of the film, has been edited with some (mostly in the begining) of my score. The Score is completed and it ended up being over 80 minutes of Music! I am both the Composer and one of the Producers of the film that will have a US in the fall.

Winner in Barcelona

Vilsen (Ave Mater) so far got over 30 prices on film festivals and been among the official selection a lot. The latest award was won in Barcelona were Rasmus Tirzitis (editor), mine (music) and Eki Jokisalo (sound) for the trailer.

Trailer: I’ve Got Your Back

As mentioned before will I’ve got your back (Jag har din rygg) have it’s swedish premier on Gothenburg international film festival in the end of January 2015. A trailer has been made and you can watch it here:

Trailer music to a Star Wars fan film

Threads of Destiny is the name of fan film in the world of Star Wars. It took 8 years for a large of group of people to finish this fan film which will premier in february. Simon has made the music to the final trailer (see above) of the project. The music in the film itself is not composed by Simon.

New trailer for Drakar och Demoner – Tronländaren

Drakar och Demoner – Tronländaren or the Thronelander as it is called in English is a very unique project Simon is proud to be a part of. The old roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner was a game Simon grew up with playing and for him to compose the music for the film is spectacular. The film is a featurette which will travel the worlds film festivals and then be released on the DVD. On the DVD other shorts and special features that Simon has been working on will also be found. Here’s the new trailer with english subs. Enjoy!