Completed the feature film Viking Saga – Rune of the Dead

I have completed the music to the USA/Swedish feature film “Rune Of The Dead”. It is a strong soundtrack that I composed with mostly inspiration from the viking era. To my aid as a musician and additional composer I had the Riksspeleman (a generally recognized badge of mastery for Swedish folk musicians) Per Runberg. I also took in several other musicians. The acclaimed singer songwriter Mohalvyr sings the theme Viverja, a song built on a theme created by Producer/Script writer Faravid af Ugglas, which plays a pivotal role.

I had a blast composing the music to this score as the director/producer/editor/script writer Rasmus Tirzitis and me truly found a unique sound which blend together the different styles of the film. I also had the oppurtunity to re use a cue that I for a long time have had the intention of revisit. Thank you Rasmus for this journey. I also would like to thank Per, Faravid and the sound and music mixer Eki Jokisalo for this collaboration.

Shoutout to the cast and crew and last but not least my musicians :

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Drakar och Demoner: Giltes Bane

You can now see the shortfilm Drakar och Demoner: Giltes Bane (No english subs so far) on youtube. This was the first Drakar och Demoner film Simon composed for and it led him to do Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren (Thronelander).

Simon would like to thank Stefan Rydehed (producer), Susanne Cermenius (vocals and flutes), Arvid Rask (Mandolin), Oskar and Hans Sedemark (Clarinet, Shawn) and the old time friend Erik Bolin who made the Voice over in the intro of the film.

You can hear several of the cues of Giltes Bane in the sample section HERE.