Re:volt Final episode

At the moment no second season is planned for this succesful Swedish series called Re:volt or (Re)volt. This youth series was directed by Richard Jarnhed and Simon did the music for all 10 episodes. Hundreds of teenage girls and boys (and also people from other ages) are today demanding a second season. HERE’s a link to the 10th and final episode.

Simon once again like to thank SVT, Richard Jarnhed, Peter Zell and Kolonien.

Anton (OST) out now on Waerloga Records

Waerloga Records are proud to present the soundtrack album “Anton” which is released today. Simon Kölle mastered the soundtrack composed by the brother Mikael & Daniel Tjernberg. Look for that release and also other of Simon’s own releases (such as Za Frûmi, Musterion and Abnocto) on

(Re)volt episode 9/10

The SVT PLAY youth series Re:volt has reached it’s ninth episode. In this weeks episode it’s time for the competetion in Show Jumping and things lead to the unexpected. A lot of drama and a lot of music (made by Simon Kölle).



Simon has collaborated with a lot of different companies and media as a composer and sound designer. On the pic above you have a  bunch of those Simon collaborated with. Much more will come!

(Re)volt episode 8/10

The youth series (Re)volt or Re:volt (as it also is spelled) are in the final couple of episodes. This monday the 8th episode was presented on SVT Play and now it’s only two weeks left for the series reach it’s end (at least season 1). The last episodes are filled with Simon’s music. You can watch the episode HERE.

New features on

Simon has been very busy the last year and composed more than ever before. To catch up with some of the work he’s done a new section on has been created. In Listen/Watch you can see 9 video clips (will be more) and 8 playlists with demos (most of all complete cues/songs) with a total of 46 tracks.

As you can see above an Image carousel / Slider has been added to the website header. Different projects of Simon’s catalouge will be featured in the slider.

Here’s and example of a video from Listen/Watch

And here’s an example of a playlist from Listen/Watch

You find all the playlists and video clips/trailers in Listen/Watch, enjoy!
Thank you Joel Forssell for the work with the updates.

(Re)volt – Episode 7/10

The SVTPlay series with music of Simon Kölle is only geting better and better. This youth series is really popular among youth’s in Sweden with some stating it’s the best TV-series ever made. Watch the 7th episode HERE.

Short Film: Niebo

The photo is from the theatre play “Dream Business” 

Simon’s dear old friend Erik Bolin has been working as an actor on a play called “Dream Bussiness” which is about trafficking. Inspired by the play Erik wrote a short film which was recorded during one evening/night in Stockholm. Simon jumped in as a small part but will foremost compose the music to the film.

Re(volt): The intro song “The Strongest Winds” on Spotify

Photo by Richard Jarnhed. From left: Arvid Rask, Anna Möller, Simon Kölle, Mischa Grind, Erik Rask, Thomas Falk with son.

The celebrated intro song, to the series Re:volt, “The Strongest Winds” was composed by Kolonien and Simon Kölle. The intro is only 20 seconds long but the whole song is over 2 minutes. Now Nataraj Studios have put the song up on Spotify. Enjoy!

The song can be heard on Spotify HERE.

Re:volt episode 6/10

The series keep on going strong on SVTPlay and Simon’s music has been enjoyed by many. This is the most scary episode of this youth series.The sixth episode can be watched HERE.


Kabal – Chapter 4

“Kabal” is title of a swedish book written by Theodore Bergqvist. Simon has made music for a reading of four chapters (in swedish). The forth chapter is read by famous swedish actor Reuben Sallmander. Below you can find more information about this book (in swedish).

Chapter 1 can be seen and heard HERE.
Chapter 2 can be seen and heard HERE.
Chapter 3 can be seen and heard HERE.

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