Exciting season composing two features and more

Things are happening rather rapidly for Simon that does hit his stride composing the scores for no less than two feature films the following month’s (“Vilsen” aka “The Loss” & “Vitt Skräp” aka “White Trash”). Vitt Skräp Simon Kölle is composing together with his friend and colleague Joel Forssell and Vilsen Simon is doing himself. More news and updates about Vilsen and Vitt Skräp will follow the coming months.

Aside of that Simon is right now in the mix of maybe being the composer of a AAA game and several of his recently made short’s, teasers and pilots will be screened at festivals or up and running in other forums. Here’s a short description of the latest shorts/teasers/pilots Simon has written the score for:

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Short Film: Niebo

The photo is from the theatre play “Dream Business” 

Simon’s dear old friend Erik Bolin has been working as an actor on a play called “Dream Bussiness” which is about trafficking. Inspired by the play Erik wrote a short film which was recorded during one evening/night in Stockholm. Simon jumped in as a small part but will foremost compose the music to the film.