The Perfect Weapon premiered in Sweden

Crew from The Legend of Dark Rider (Simon Kölle, Titus Paar and Kristian Koskelainen worked on both films)

After showing the teaser of Legend of Dark Rider (which Simon also scored) The Perfect Weapon (2016) premiered during two days in Norrköping and Stockholm. People in the Swedish film industry and fans attended the screenings.

The director Titus Paar told his story, a Q&A was held (in Norrköping) and the reception was very good.

The Perfect Weapon is released worldwide this August/September.



Legend of Dark Rider keeps getting praise worldwide

The teaser/Short film of Legend of Dark Rider is enjoyed worldwide and we can only hope the project ends up being a major feature film in the future. If someone can do it its Titus Paar that’s for sure.

Several new nominations and festival coming up.

Legend of Dark Rider: Trailer

Here’s the first trailer of Legend of Dark Rider. What began as a Pilot/short film is slowly evolving to become a feature. Simon Kölle compose the music. Genry: Fantasy, Horror.

Simon composing a pilot: Legend of Dark Rider

A dark and gritty viking film project called “Legend of Dark Rider” was recently filmed in and around a real viking tavern house near Birka in Sweden. This english spoken film is right now a pilot (15 minutes long) and a teaser trailer of it (2 min) will soon be released.

Simon is composing the music to the teaser and the Pilot.