Re(volt): The intro song “The Strongest Winds” on Spotify

Photo by Richard Jarnhed. From left: Arvid Rask, Anna Möller, Simon Kölle, Mischa Grind, Erik Rask, Thomas Falk with son.

The celebrated intro song, to the series Re:volt, “The Strongest Winds” was composed by Kolonien and Simon Kölle. The intro is only 20 seconds long but the whole song is over 2 minutes. Now Nataraj Studios have put the song up on Spotify. Enjoy!

The song can be heard on Spotify HERE.

Working on “(Re)volt” a SVT drama series

 Simon is right now working with the music for the drama series “(Re)volt – nu djävlar är det krig”. SVT has now published a news about the series and all 10 episodes are shot.

Simon has recorded the intro with the upcoming award winning band Kolonien in the Nataraj Studio with Thomas Falk (Bombshell Rocks, Millencolin, Goloka, Etnophonic) as engineer. Here’s a little video diary (vlog) made by Kolonien. Eki Sienis is mixing the intro and also the song which follows it. The song is a remake of “How come” originally made by Kolonien.