First and foremost, I am a happy man as I have become a father to a lovely girl which we named Hilma Astrid Flora Kölle. I love her with all my heart. She was born the 19th of august.

I feel so grateful that I have had several projects running during this pandemic. I have kept on building my production company and developing a film with Swedish Film Institute. I have also been dipping my toes into the video game world (as always it’s a lot of secrecy so I cannot say any more about it right now) and started the work composing the music to the TV series Dystopia.

I have also had two feature film documentaries (as a film producer) in post-production. To oversee the work from our brilliant co workers have been a blast.  One documentary is about a very dear subject to me = mental health among young people. The other is a music documentary about Sweden’s first true Glam rock band “Tears”.

A short break from everything

As Simon reached the terrible news that his father passed away in his home just 68 years old he right away took a break from everytning he was working on.

Simon’s work with Vilsen will be taken up again early january and the Kickstarter project to release Drakar och Demoner Soundtracks has been living it’s own life (and it looks like it will be funded).

Simon had a close relationship with his father whom inspired him a lot. They shared the interest for martial arts, soccer, music, film and more. RIP