Svartsjön (Black Lake) is released on Viaplay

Finally the day has come for Svartsjön (Black Lake in English) to be released on Viaplay. Two episodes was released at the same time of a total of 8.  Go to Viaplay HERE.


Completed Black Lake (Svartsjön) season 2

I really had a blast from start to finish working with this great series! I composed the Music to all 8 episodes and worked with my wonderful friend and Tulpa-Brother Richard Jarnhed (who directed the first four episodes). I also, for the first time, worked with director Per Simonsson (who directed episode 5-8) whom I really enjoyed working with! I would love to Work with Per (and of course Richard) again!

The season will be aired in october so I will for sure get back to this later on! So many wonderful people involved in this Project!