Grabber and Robocat

Simon has just recently composed music for a Grabber (screws) film and Arne Thuresson Bygg that are the distributors ( Simon will do more work with Grabber and Arne Thuresson Bygg later on. Grabber have some awesome screws all you builders should check out!

Simon has also been doing music for a danish company known as Robocat who (among other things) build really good  iOS apps. The music is for a game the studio is creating right now (more info later).

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Danish commercial

The commercial is directed and created by Daniel Salan.
Customer: Leisure in Lyngby, Frivilligcentret.
Music: Simon Kölle

Commercial / Info Film for Viewindow












Photo of the actors Felicia Wittenberg & Philip Hughes: Simon Kölle

Simon has recently composed the music and produced a commercial / Information Film for a product called Viewindow. A Viewindow is a virtual Window with your own choosen views. Client: Connectivity Room AB – Viewindow