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Ave Mater (OST) – MovieScore Media, March 3, 2017

MMS17002 • AVE MATER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SIMON KÖLLE


By winning the Best Original Score at the Hollywood International Film Festival in 2016 and becoming the Best Original Score at London Independent Film Awards, Simon Kölle’s Ave Mater has already proven itself as one of the most engaging horror scores of the past season. With a story about the investigation of a mysterious cult whose activities create panic in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Rasmus Tirzitis’ supernatural thriller has lent itself to a dark and powerful underscore that reflects on both the uneasy alliance between the investigator and a former reverend as well as the mystic rituals behind the murders.

While scoring Ave Mater, Simon Kölle was inspired by both the occult and the church. As he explains: “Composing the score meant me setting out on a journey to create something dark, exciting and filled with suspense, but not horror. Rasmus was rather clear that he felt that the music should be the ‘beating heart and soul of the film’, a true guide throughout the story. To work with a couple of clear themes got important with the choir and the cello became crucial to capture the feeling of the occult.” The score features the Lidingö Chamber Choir who sing and chant in both Sumerian and Latin.

Swedish composer Simon Kölle was born in 1977 in Stockholm. After being a Theatre Major in high school he has received higher education in fields such as Theatre and Film Science, Film Music and Experimental/Art Music at Stockholm University. Simon has composed music for several highly-acclaimed projects. In addition to film and TV-series for national TV, Simon has composed music for several high-profile documentaries, Video Blogs and computer games such as Conduct This!. His more recent credits include the Steven Seagal action thriller The Perfect Weapon and the 10-episode Swedish series (Re)volt. Simon is currently working on the fantasy horror Legend of Dark Rider, written and directed by Titus Paar.

Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang – Soundtrack Waerloga Records, Spring 2015

Original motion picture soundtrack for the Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang roleplay game and short films (Tronländaren & Giltes Bane) + Bonus Tracks. The soundtrack is 100 % Dark Fantasy inspired with nordic folk music influences. Simon worked with 50 musicians including a choir . Read more…  buy HERE.

Res dej inte! Neuropa Records, fall 2009

Original motion picture soundtrack for the featurette “Res dej inte!” aka “[stay down]”. The film is directed by talented Swedish director Richard Jarnhed, who has directed films, written scripts and worked in the Swedish film industry since the early 90s. The film was written by Erik Bolin, Sebastian Ylvenius and Richard Jarnhed. Read more and buy HERE.

Za Frûmi

with Simon Heath
Legends act 4 – Orders Waerloga Records, 2008

This album is inspired by the Orders in the world of Za Frûmi. An outstanding album released the same day as Legends act 3 – Cults with esoteric, deep, mysterious traditions, higly cinematic, dark, magical and breathtaking fantasy music. This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. Read more and buy HERE.


Legends act 3 – Cults Waerloga Records, 2008

This album is inspired by the Cults in the world of Za Frûmi. An outstanding album released the same day as Legends act 4 – Orders with murderous, primitive, dark, mystical and breathtaking fantasy music. This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. Read more and buy HERE.


Barrow Wights Tom Bombadill’s Collectors, 2008

A Za Frûmi collection featuring remastered versions songs from their first four releases plus two unreleased, new songs, «Barrow Wights» is a conceptual strike from the duo’s creativity pool. Specially built to unravel a story, but amazingly suitable for an exciting audio experience, «Barrow Wights» is dark fantasy ambient music with martial and cinematic takes drawn close to perfection. Read more and buy HERE.


Chapter 3 – Shrak ishi za migul Waerloga Records, 2007

This is dark fantasy (Dark ambient) music with dialogue in orcish and the language of the dark elves. This CD is a step back to Za shum ushatar Uglakh but also a great step forward in production. All that love dark fantasy, orcs, dark elves and atmosphere should own this, by Waerloga Records, highly recommended CD. In the beginning of the booklet one can easily read up on what happened in chapter 1 and 2. Read more and buy HERE.


Legends act 2 – Vampires Waerloga Records, 2004

This album is inspired by the legends of two vampires (Jakesh and Rianji). Mystical, dark, fantasy and well played are words to describe the music. The booklet is rich with beautiful artwork and texts. Za Frûmi have really outdone themselves with this masterpiece! Read more and buy HERE.


Legends act 1 Waerloga Records, 2002/2003

This album is instrumental fantasy music with different themes ranging from the majestic dwarven wars to the great cleansing lead by the dark order Vasilievich. But also music from an inn. It is music perfect to have on when playing roleplay games but also as inspiration and a break from soundtrack music. Read more and buy HERE.


Chapter 2 – Tach Waerloga Records, 2001

Chapter 2 in the Za Frûmi Saga, the continuation of the Za Frûmi saga, filled with even more instruments than played on the first album and the 17 tracks contain loads of soundscapes recorded in various castles, forests and dark caves during the recording of this album. The story continued about the clan, this album was received with open arms by the fantasy, black metal and ambient scenes.


Za shum ushatar Uglakh Tarki Records, 2000

Chapter 1 in the Za Frûmi Saga, the Cult masterpiece filled with soundscapes and more ethnic and medieval instruments than one can count, dialogue in Black Tongue. Za Frûmi is melodic mood music from a dark fantasy setting. One branch centered around a wayward group of orcs, and their adventures in deep forests and mysterious castles. Deep flutes, rythmic drums and atmospheric ambience combine to grant enthusiasts everywhere a unique experience.


The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of LifeThe Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life Horus CyclicDaemon, fall 2009

The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life is the second album of Musterion, following the highly acclaimed debut album The Black Lodge (2005), built upon complex and obscure composition techniques and musical innovation, and it drags the listener on a brilliantly imaginative and frightening journey which combine elements of dark ambient, surealism, absurdity. Read more and buy the album HERE./


The Black LodgeThe Black Lodge Horus CyclicDaemon, 2005

A very unique limited edition album inspired by HP Lovecraft, David Lynch, William S. Burroughs and others. Special envelope with both side printings. Very much a horror piece with atmospheres taken from Twin Peaks, Lovecraft´s works and horror movies. Read more and buy HERE.


with Simon Heath
AbnoctoSimon Magus Waerloga Records, 2007

This is occult inspired instrumental music (except on “The witch”) inspired by the so called evil Simon Magus who fought Simon Petrus. The music is all sacred with hints of great dark temple halls, demons, mystical rites and churches. Instruments like piano, farfisa organ, dark ritualistic drums, keyboards, harps and various string instruments are heard on the CD. Recorded 60 meters below the central of Stockholm in a long forgotten chamber among the tunnels. Read more and buy HERE.

Selected compilations

The Waerloga Journey – Compilation vol. 2
Simon Kölle – “Drakar och Demoner Giltes Bane Theme”, Za Frûmi – Immra (Alternative Version),  Simon Kölle & Joel Forssell – “The Monitor Celestra”, Musterion – “The Elevator Down”, Apocalypsis Cum Figuris – “The Forbidden Chamber”, Abnocto – “Spiritus Arma” (Waerloga Records, Fall 2014)

Das Laternenträgerprojekt
Musterion – “Das Laternenträgerprojekt” (Horus CyclicDaemon, spring 2010)

Radio Rivendell Complation Vol. 2: The Book of War
Za Frûmi – “Vojvod Szadrin” (Waerloga Records, 2008)

The Old Europa Cafe
Musterion – “Underneath Stockholm” (Old Europa Cafe, 2008)

Radio Rivendell Compilation
Abnocto – “Spiritus Arma” (Waerloga Records, 2007)

A Tribute to Uglakh
Za Frûmi – “Compilation intro”, “Baurukat (Inprisoned)”, Abnocto – “Prophecy”, Musterion – “Unknown Kadath (remix)” (Waerloga Records, 2004)

AL 100th Anniversary
Za Frûmi – “Aiwass”, Abnocto – “Arcane Knowledge”, Musterion – “Baphomet: The Magus, the Fool (Fo-Hi), the Voyager” (Horus CyclicDaemon, 2004)

Blood, Graves & Vampires: Lunas fantastische musik Vol. 2
Za Frûmi – “Blood Slaves” (kom4, 2004)

Helden, Mythen & Magie: Lunas fantastische musik Vol. 1
Za Frûmi – “Rejthar” (kom4, 2002)