Hem Ljuva Hem Exhibition At Polismuseet

Hem ljuva hem

Simon has made music and the sound engineering for two rooms that are a part of the exhibition “Hem, ljuva hem” (Home Sweet Home) which opens on December 3 at Polismuseet (The Police Museum) in Stockholm.

The exhibition deals with domestic violence through times. The two rooms which Simon has been a part in creating tell the stories of two real cases involving domestically abused women. The first case brings us back to 1925, and the other one is based in the 21st century. Two women, 80 years a part in time and yet so similar.

“Hem, ljuva hem” opens at Polismuseet on December 3, 2009.
Read more about the exhibition… (In Swedish)

Release Party For Musterion And Res Dej Inte!

A release party is being planned to celebrate the upcoming releases of the two albums The Woundrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life by Musterion and the soundtrack for Res dej inte!. The event will take place in Stockholm on November 26 and everyone’s invited!

Come and celebrate these truly great albums and enjoy Simon’s music, appearances by Erik Bolin, Richard Jarnhed, Per Holmgren and performance art by Linus Raudsepp. Drinks and releases will be available for purchase. Admittance is free!

The event will be helt at Scenen Pipersgatan 4 (Tube: Rådhuset) on Thursday, November 26 6-11 PM.

JPG Photo Download flyer (In Swedish)

The Gates Are Now Open…

Finally! We are proud to present you with the official website of Swedish-based composer Simon Kölle. Here you will find information about Simon and his works. Be sure to check out the music page where you will find a large selection of Simons music, which is guaranteed to give you chills of pleasure.

Feel free to contact Simon if you have any questions. Simon is availiable for bookings both inside and outside of Sweden.

Stay tuned to this page, more news and updates will be up shortly.