• Viking Saga: Rune of the Dead (Horror/Drama, Feature, Rasmus Tirzitis) (Release in September)
  • #Ingenskitiminkropp (Drama Documentary, Richard Jarnhed) (created 2016)
  • Gjensie (Commercial, Henrik Eriksson/Björn Lundevall, FLB Europa)
  • Welcome to Mumbai (Drama/Comedy, Short, Abhijeet Kamble) (Work in progress)
  • Kör med mig (Drama/Comedy, TV-serie Pilot, Emil Lörelius) (Work in progress)


  • Svartsjön (Black Lake) Season 2 (Thriller/Horror/Drama, 8 episodes TV-series, Richard Jarnhed & Per Simonsson) 
  • Mycket Pil och Båge (Comedy, Short, Simon Ghamberg)
  • Vignette (Intro, Red Moon Roleplay) (Vampire Campaign)
  • Living with the secret Kogi tribe (Feature documentary, Titus Paar), with Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin
  • Dodgeball – A Love Story (Comedy, Short, Mikael Bergsten)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)
  • White Trash / Vitt Skräp (Thriller/Crime, Feature,Tobias Nordquist)  (Work in progress, will be moved up in credits when released)


  • Björn and Molly´s Wedding (Commissioned piece)
  • Conduct AR! (App game, Northplay)
  • Conduct DELUXE! (App game, Northplay)
  • Ingen så fin som du (Drama/Romance, Feature) (completed, will be moved up in credits when released)
  • DOORS (Drama/Documentary, Richard Jarnhed, Populate)
  • Conduct This! (4 new levels for the game, Northplay)
  • VILSEN (AVE MATER) Original Soundtrack (Album, MovieScore Media)
  • Stigarna  (Commissioned piece)
  • “Commercial” (Client: United Spaces)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)
  • Niebo (Thriller/Crime, Short, Erik Bolin)  (will be moved up in credits when released 2018)


  • “Event Films” (4 event films for Hotell Kung Carl)
  • Vilsen (Ave Mater) Trailer (Last Trailer for the feature Vilsen /Ave Mater)
  • Music for Paradox Interactive (no more info can be revealed)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)
  • Trailers (6 Trailers for American Indie films and Hollywood films)
  • Zvonar (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly, examination game)
  • The Solution (Event/LARP, Horror)
  • The Perfect Weapon (Action/Sci-fi, Feature,Titus Paar)
  • Conduct This! (Computer Game, Robocat/Northplay)
  • Grabber Premium Quality Screws (Commercial, Client: Arne Thureson Bygg)
  • Legend of Dark Rider (Pilot, 18 min) (fantasy,Titus Paar)
  • “Commercial” (client: Fjällräven)
  • Strigoi (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly)
  • DNZ Pictures Logo 2 (Music for film logo) (David Nzinga)
  • Gola Inte (Additional Music, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Vilsen (Int. title: Ave Mater) (Crime, Thriller, Feature, Rasmus Tirzitis)


  • Hatefull Space (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly)
  • Jobbverket (Information Film, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Leisure in Lyngby (Commercial, Daniel Salan)
  • Treize Points (Den Svarta Kaninen) (Trailer, Josefin Enoksson)
  • Intro to Belgian Metal album (A Thousand Sufferings album intro, Timo Eggermont)
  • URO Clinic (Information Film, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren Original Soundtrack (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Imperial Entanglement (Computer Game, Dear Mother at The Game Assembly) Release shortly
  • The Dweller (Computer Game, UFOmannen at The Game Assembly)
  • Viewindow (Commerical/Information Film, Richard Jarnhed, Client: Connectivity Room)
  • Legend of Dark Rider (Trailer) (Fantasy,Titus Paar)
  • Syster (Drama, Short, Sebastian Lagerkvist)  (will be moved up in credits when released)


  • Candy (Drama, Short) (Daniel Salan)
  • Merix Media Logo (Music for film logo) (Mikael Cross)
  • DNZ Logo (Music for film logo) (David Nzinga)
  • Jag har din rygg (Drama/Thriller, Short, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Work for Comviq/Tele2 (Richard Jarnhed, Mac Omanovich)
  • Fången (Drama, Short, Rasmus Tirzitis) Release on Cannes film festival 2014
  • Götterdämmerung Art book Teaser (Thriller, Horror, Historical, Occult, Short, Riotminds)
  • Work for H&M (Richard Jarnhed)
  • Götterdämmerung Teaser (Thriller, Historical, Fantasy,  Iain Williamson)
  • Trailer for a Starwars Fanfilm (Rasmus Tirzitis)


  • Kabal – Kapitel 4 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 3 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 2 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 1 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • (Re)volt (Drama SVT TV Series, All 10 episodes, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Trailer for Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren (Trailer, Williamson, Henrik Johansson)
  • Konflikt och Försoning (Drama Documentary, Richard Jarnhed)
  • The Monitor Celestra (Sci-fi, Alternaliv AB) **
  • Heroes Fighting Championship (Radio/TV commercial, Marko Gyllenland)
  • Drakar och Demoner:Tronländaren – Behind the Music (Documentary, Andreas Doyle, Joel Forssell)


  • Smitten (Sci-fi short, Martin Clausen)
  • Alexander Gustafsson – The Mauler story (Video Blog in several episodes, Jaser Davari)
  • Vägen till Vision (Docuemntary on TV4 Sport, Jaser Davari) **
  • Danish Short (Work title) (short, Daniel Salan) Work in progress
  • The Box (Action/Horror short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Drakar och Demoner:Tronländaren (Fantasy Featurette, Iain Williamson, Henrik Johansson) (Premier 2014)
  • Drakar och Demoner: Drej Svartenbrand (Fantasy short/Pilot, Fredrik Engelhag) Work in progress
  • Kimura Talent Season 2 (TV show, Jaser Davari)
  • MMA Panelen  (TV show, Intro music)
  • Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson, The Road to UFC Sweden (Documentary in several episodes, Aftonbladet/
  • 11 Webproductions for
  • Drakar och Demoner: Giltes Bane (Fantasy short/pilot, Drakar och Demoner, Fredrik Engelhag)


  • Alex  (Crime/Thriller Pilot, Richard Jarnhed)**
  • Akta Huvudet (Theme song)
  • Dominick Cruz, Phil Davis etc. (Videoblogs, A Small Village Productions)
  • Mytomanen 3 (Comedy, Short, Paul del Valle – Lättvikt)


  • Res dej inte! (Stay Down!) (drama/crime featurette, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Destin (Art/Exhibition, John Santerineross)


  • Musterion: The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life (Album, Horus CyclicDaemon)
  • Resation (thriller/crime tv pilot, Gabriele Cassasa) *
  • Fallet Ebba (crime short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Fallet John (crime short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Obscura (horror/mystery/thriller tv pilot, Gabriele Cassasa) *
  • Duell (historical short, Roberto Fogelberg Rota)
  • Res dej inte! (OST) (Album, Neuropa Records)


  • Surfzombies (horror short, Andreas Troedsson, Pontus Belfrage) *
  • Il nostro viaggio in Ponente (documentary feature, Roberto Fogelberg Rota
  • Za Frûmi: Barrow Wights(Album, Tom Bombadill’s Collectors)
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 3 – Cults (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 4 – Orders (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Abnocto: Simon Magus (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Za Frûmi: Chapter 3 – Shrak ishi za migul (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Transformation (action/drama short, Andreas Troedsson, Pontus Belfrage) *
  • Come Rovinarsi la Vita (historical/drama short, Roberto Fogelberg Rota)


  • Om djur kunde tala (documentary short, William Fredberg, Marcus Walkin)
  • Musterion: The Black Lodge (Album, Horus CyclicDaemon)


  • The Revelation (action short, Pontus Belfrage)*
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 2 – Vampires (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Pangaea (fantasy short, Pontus Belfrage, Andreas Troedsson)*
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 1 (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Za Frûmi: Chapter 2 – Tach (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Za Frûmi: Za shum ushatar Uglakh (Album, Tarki Records)

* These films have credited Za Frûmi  ** Composed togheter with Joel Forssell Za Frûmi: Simon Kölle & Simon Heath except the debut album “Za shum ushatar Uglakh” which also Donald Persson was a part of. Musterion: Solo Project of Simon Kölle (credited as Simon AA Kölle) Abnocto: Simon Kölle & Simon Heath