Film Producer Credits below the Composer Credits


  • Drums of the Deep (Themes from Trudvang Muspelheim)   (Commissioned Fantasy Score to Muspelheim game module, Riotminds)


  • Dystopia   (Horror/Drama, 8 episodes TV-series, Richard Jarnhed) – Work in progress (will be released 2021, then moved up to 2021)
  • Fear of the Woods (Action/Horror, Feature, Titus Paar)
  • Changeling – The LostRed Moon Roleplaying (Radio Theatre)
  • Cok me Knaz  (Drama/Romance, Feature, Johan Häll & Erol Sahindal)- Music composed 2017


  • Living with the secret Kogi tribe Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (with Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin)
  •  Short Film Music Collection (Album, Music from Legend of Dark Rider, The Box, I’ve Got Your Back, Niebo, Imprisoned, Smitten and Götterdämmerung)
  • The Huntress: Rune of the Dead (Horror/Drama, Feature, Rasmus Tirzitis) 
  • The Huntress: Rune of the Dead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Horror, Drama, MovieScore Media)
  • Trudvang Chronicles: Muspelheim (5 commisioned themes , Riotminds)
  • The Sacrife, Red Moon Roleplaying (Vampire the Masquarade) (Radio Theatre, Mattiaz Fredriksson)
  • #Ingenskitiminkropp (Drama Documentary, Richard Jarnhed) (created 2016)
  • Gjensie (Commercial, Henrik Eriksson/Björn Lundevall, FLB Europa)
  • Kör med mig (Drama/Comedy, TV-serie Pilot, Emil Lörelius)
  • Roleplay Podcast (Intro & Outro, Adam Nathansson) (title of podcast not yet released – will be changed)
  • White Trash / Vitt Skräp (Thriller/Crime, Feature, Tobias Nordquist)  (Completed, will be moved up in credits when released)
  • Digital Re-release of Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren Original Soundtrack album (Fantasy, Riotminds)
  • Digital Re-release of Res dej inte! Soundtrack album (Drama, Crime, Neuropa Records & Tulpa Creatives)
  •  (Re)volt Original Television Soundtrack album (Album, Tulpa Creatives)
  • Conduct This! Original Game Soundtrack (Game, Tulpa Creatives)


  • Svartsjön (Black Lake) Season 2 (Thriller/Horror/Drama, 8 episodes TV-series, Richard Jarnhed & Per Simonsson) 
  • Mycket Pil och Båge (Comedy, Short, Simon Ghamberg)
  • Vignette (Intro, Red Moon Roleplay) (Vampire Campaign)
  • Living with the secret Kogi tribe (Feature documentary, Titus Paar), with Anders “Moneybrother” Wendin
  • Dodgeball – A Love Story (Comedy, Short, Mikael Bergsten)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)


  • Björn and Molly´s Wedding (Commissioned piece)
  • Conduct AR! (App game, Northplay)
  • Conduct DELUXE! (App game, Northplay)
  • Ingen så fin som du (Drama/Romance, Feature)
  • DOORS (Drama/Documentary, Richard Jarnhed, Populate)
  • Conduct This! (4 new levels for the game, Northplay)
  • VILSEN (AVE MATER) Original Soundtrack (Album, MovieScore Media)
  • Stigarna  (Commissioned piece)
  • “Commercial” (Client: United Spaces)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)
  • Niebo (Thriller/Crime, Short, Erik Bolin)  (will be moved up in credits when released 2018)


  • “Event Films” (4 event films for Hotell Kung Carl)
  • Vilsen (Ave Mater) Trailer (Last Trailer for the feature Vilsen /Ave Mater)
  • Music for Paradox Interactive (no more info can be revealed)
  • BEX (Commercial, Titus Paar)
  • Trailers (6 Trailers for American Indie films and Hollywood films)
  • Zvonar (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly, examination game)
  • The Solution (Event/LARP, Horror)
  • The Perfect Weapon (Action/Sci-fi, Feature,Titus Paar)
  • Conduct This! (Computer Game, Robocat/Northplay)
  • Grabber Premium Quality Screws (Commercial, Client: Arne Thureson Bygg)
  • Legend of Dark Rider (Pilot, 18 min) (fantasy,Titus Paar)
  • “Commercial” (client: Fjällräven)
  • Strigoi (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly)
  • DNZ Pictures Logo 2 (Music for film logo) (David Nzinga)
  • Gola Inte (Additional Music, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Vilsen (Int. title: Ave Mater) (Crime, Thriller, Feature, Rasmus Tirzitis)


  • Hatefull Space (Computer Game, Pixelbeast at The Game Assembly)
  • Jobbverket (Information Film, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Leisure in Lyngby (Commercial, Daniel Salan)
  • Treize Points (Den Svarta Kaninen) (Trailer, Josefin Enoksson)
  • Intro to Belgian Metal album (A Thousand Sufferings album intro, Timo Eggermont)
  • URO Clinic (Information Film, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren Original Soundtrack (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Imperial Entanglement (Computer Game, Dear Mother at The Game Assembly) Release shortly
  • The Dweller (Computer Game, UFOmannen at The Game Assembly)
  • Viewindow (Commerical/Information Film, Richard Jarnhed, Client: Connectivity Room)
  • Legend of Dark Rider (Trailer) (Fantasy,Titus Paar)
  • Syster (Drama, Short, Sebastian Lagerkvist)  (will be moved up in credits when released)


  • Candy (Drama, Short) (Daniel Salan)
  • Merix Media Logo (Music for film logo) (Mikael Cross)
  • DNZ Logo (Music for film logo) (David Nzinga)
  • Jag har din rygg (Drama/Thriller, Short, Sebastian Lagerkvist)
  • Work for Comviq/Tele2 (Richard Jarnhed, Mac Omanovich)
  • Fången (Drama, Short, Rasmus Tirzitis) Release on Cannes film festival 2014
  • Götterdämmerung Art book Teaser (Thriller, Horror, Historical, Occult, Short, Riotminds)
  • Work for H&M (Richard Jarnhed)
  • Götterdämmerung Teaser (Thriller, Historical, Fantasy,  Iain Williamson)
  • Trailer for a Starwars Fanfilm (Rasmus Tirzitis)


  • Kabal – Kapitel 4 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 3 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 2 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • Kabal – Kapitel 1 (Music to a reading by Reuben Sallmander of the first chapter of the book “Kabal”, Iain Williamson)
  • (Re)volt (Drama SVT TV Series, All 10 episodes, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Trailer for Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren (Trailer, Williamson, Henrik Johansson)
  • Konflikt och Försoning (Drama Documentary, Richard Jarnhed)
  • The Monitor Celestra (Sci-fi, Alternaliv AB) **
  • Heroes Fighting Championship (Radio/TV commercial, Marko Gyllenland)
  • Drakar och Demoner:Tronländaren – Behind the Music (Documentary, Andreas Doyle, Joel Forssell)


  • Smitten (Sci-fi short, Martin Clausen)
  • Alexander Gustafsson – The Mauler story (Video Blog in several episodes, Jaser Davari)
  • Vägen till Vision (Docuemntary on TV4 Sport, Jaser Davari) **
  • Danish Short (Work title) (short, Daniel Salan) Work in progress
  • The Box (Action/Horror short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Drakar och Demoner:Tronländaren (Fantasy Featurette, Iain Williamson, Henrik Johansson) (Premier 2014)
  • Drakar och Demoner: Drej Svartenbrand (Fantasy short/Pilot, Fredrik Engelhag) Work in progress
  • Kimura Talent Season 2 (TV show, Jaser Davari)
  • MMA Panelen  (TV show, Intro music)
  • Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson, The Road to UFC Sweden (Documentary in several episodes, Aftonbladet/
  • 11 Webproductions for
  • Drakar och Demoner: Giltes Bane (Fantasy short/pilot, Drakar och Demoner, Fredrik Engelhag)


  • Alex  (Crime/Thriller Pilot, Richard Jarnhed)**
  • Akta Huvudet (Theme song)
  • Dominick Cruz, Phil Davis etc. (Videoblogs, A Small Village Productions)
  • Mytomanen 3 (Comedy, Short, Paul del Valle – Lättvikt)


  • Res dej inte! (Stay Down!) (drama/crime featurette, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Destin (Art/Exhibition, John Santerineross)


  • Musterion: The Wondrous Journey Through the Catacombs of Life (Album, Horus CyclicDaemon)
  • Resation (thriller/crime tv pilot, Gabriele Cassasa) *
  • Fallet Ebba (crime short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Fallet John (crime short, Richard Jarnhed)
  • Obscura (horror/mystery/thriller tv pilot, Gabriele Cassasa) *
  • Duell (historical short, Roberto Fogelberg Rota)
  • Res dej inte! (OST) (Album, Neuropa Records)


  • Surfzombies (horror short, Andreas Troedsson, Pontus Belfrage) *
  • Il nostro viaggio in Ponente (documentary feature, Roberto Fogelberg Rota
  • Za Frûmi: Barrow Wights(Album, Tom Bombadill’s Collectors)
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 3 – Cults (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 4 – Orders (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Abnocto: Simon Magus (Album, Waerloga Records)
  • Za Frûmi: Chapter 3 – Shrak ishi za migul (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Transformation (action/drama short, Andreas Troedsson, Pontus Belfrage) *
  • Come Rovinarsi la Vita (historical/drama short, Roberto Fogelberg Rota)


  • Om djur kunde tala (documentary short, William Fredberg, Marcus Walkin)
  • Musterion: The Black Lodge (Album, Horus CyclicDaemon)


  • The Revelation (action short, Pontus Belfrage)*
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 2 – Vampires (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Pangaea (fantasy short, Pontus Belfrage, Andreas Troedsson)*
  • Za Frûmi: Legends act 1 (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Za Frûmi: Chapter 2 – Tach (Album, Waerloga Records)


  • Za Frûmi: Za shum ushatar Uglakh (Album, Tarki Records)


* These films have credited Za Frûmi  ** Composed togheter with Joel Forssell

Za Frûmi: Simon Kölle & Simon Heath except the debut album “Za shum ushatar Uglakh” which also Donald Persson was a part of.

Musterion: Solo Project of Simon Kölle (credited as Simon AA Kölle)

Abnocto: Simon Kölle & Simon Heath


Only projects that has been filmed appear here and not those that are in development. Nor does all the produced Theatre Productions and all the over 50 Interactive events. 


  • Det är vår tur nu (Documentary Feature, Populate, Tulpa Creatives) – Producer (Work in progress)
  •  Tears (Documentary Feature, Tulpa Creatives, SVT) – Producer (Work in progress)



  • The Huntress – Rune of the Dead (Feature, ITN Studios, Tirzitis Entertainment) – Producer (Release during fall 2019)
  • Niebo (Short, Carnivale) – Producer
  • #Ingenskitiminkropp (Dramatized Documentary, WEKO) – Producer (produced during 2016, appear 2016 too)
  • Gensjie (Commercial, FLB Europa) – Producer


  • Living with the secret Kogi Tribe (Documentary Feature, HXP Film) – Producer
  • Jimmy Jones (Feature, Zombie Film) – Executive Producer
  • Moneybrother: Bröllopssång till Lili (Short, HXP Film) – Producer


  • Ingen så fin som du (Feature, HällYes) – Executive Producer (will be moved up when released)
  • Pleasure (Short, Chirano) – Producer


  • Vilsen (International title: Ave Mater) (Feature, Tirzitis Entertainment, Branbomm, WEKO) – Producer
  • #Ingenskitiminkropp (Dramatized Documentary, WEKO)
  • We Will Part (Feature, LAITHAUS) – Executive Producer


  • Viewwindow (Commercial, WEKO)