Drakar och Demoner Trudvang Soundtrack


Simon Kölle presents the Drakar och Demoner Trudvang Soundtrack

This Soundtrack consists of music from the film Drakar och Demoner Tronländaren, Drakar och Demoner Giltes Bane and bonus tracks inspired by backers who funded the kickstarter project that made this album see the light of day.

The album will be released in april 2015 but can be pre ordered HERE.


I would like to thank all of you that suported me with my kickstarter campaign (you know who you are!) to release this multi soundtrack. Without you this release would never see the light. Also big thanks to the crews and actors of Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren & Drakar och Demoner: Giltes Bane.

A special thank you:


The three bonus tracks have been made out of the ideas and been titles by:

Krister Sundelin (Marenhide Theme), William Fondelius Fredberg (The foul stench of Shranck), Jonas Orve (The Bowyer Helerion).

Thank you:

Anton Karanov, Rickard Nilsson, Zishan Ahmad & Emmelie Ahmad, Erik Bolin, Anders Dahlgren, Radio Rivendell, Lars-Erik Mickos, Cato Vandrare, Mattias Gullbrandson, Christian Kinell, Sofia Bolin, Klaartje Keppens.

I also would like to thank all the musicians, the more than 1000 kind souls that spread the kickstarter project on the internet, Elisbeth Brander & Felicia Persson Wittenberg (for the help with the choir), Thomas Augustsson for lending the ship Vieille Montagne were the choir was recorded, Andreas Doyle for the behind the scenes video (together with Joel Forssell) + Kickstarter video.

All the above will be named in the Booklet of the Album but here I also would like to thank (in Alphabetical order):

Adam Paulsson Ahlenius
Adrian Mihalia
André Lundin Keidser
Andreas Wachsner
Anton Hag
Caroline Ekerdal
Christer Persson
Christian Svalander
Karin Dockery
Darren Robinson
David Malmström
Erika Mattsson
Franz Svedenberg
Frida Bäverfeldt
Gestaltar Skiten
Hans Lundgren
Harald Frostvinge
Henning Roos
Henrik Summanen
Jessie Dauzat
Love Kölle
Mackan Andersson
Magnus Edlund
Maria Lindell
Markus Oksanen
Martin Eklöf
Mattias Närvä
Megan Matta
Olle Sahlin
Patrik Hurtig
Peter Henningsson
Rasmus Tirzitis
Richard Jarnhed
Roger Hult
Ryan O’Leary
Sebastian Lagerkvist
Stefan Nygård
Sune Bergvall
Susanne Balderfors
Susanne Göransson
Tony Halvarsson

The Back Story

It’s been almost three years now since we started working on creating films in the Drakar och Demoner world. The end goal has always been to create a feature but first things first.

I had 40+ people in the musical department while working on Tronländaren, a Featurette. A Gadulka player from Bulgaria, a choir, fluteplayers and many more. The wonderful vocalist Susanne Cermenius lended her beautiful voice to the project and more. Joel Forssell, my musical assistant played a huge part as he conducted the choir and made my tunes choir friendly. Joel also made some additional music for the project and listen and hade ideas on everything I composed. A big thank you goes out to all you that helped this music be created.

Details about the project

Goal = To create a Drakar och Demoner Trudvang Soundtrack Limited Edition, with nearly all of the music from the films and more.  I like to re-master everything and create artwork from the films and created for it. I would love to include a rich and great booklet with art form the designers and illustrators involved the roleplay game and the films.

Riotminds endorse this project and also both film companies Fandango & Fish and Elephant. The producer of Giltes Bane also like this idea of fundraising and endorse it. I would like to thank Riotminds in particular as they own the name Drakar och Demoner and Trudvang. For them to endorse a soundtrack is something new and has never happened before.The Album will be released by Waerloga Records (www.waerloga.com) both physical and digital.

This project would never see the light of day without backer

The backers were awesome and without you all this would never become an actual CD release.


1. Overture
2. Båtfärden (The Boat Ride)
3. Troll i Natten (Troll in the Night)
4. Morgon (Morning)
5. Minnet (The Memory)
6. Uppe på Berget (On the Mountain)
7. Heidnar, what do you see?
8. Lik i Skogen (Corpse in the Forest)
9. Fri från slaveri (Free from Slavery)
10. Tom Grav (Empty Grave)
11. Strid mot gasten (Fight with the Death Knight)
12. Sveket (The Betrayal)
13. Storme
14. I Vindbore

Giltes Bane

15. Drakar och Demoner Theme and intro
16. Alternative Intro
17. Vildhjarta Awekens
18. Run
19. Trapped
20. Vildhjarta
21. End Credits

Bonus Tracks

22. Prolonged Troll Cue
23. Hear Me – The Fate of the Remnants
24. Visa Marenhide
25. The Foul Stench of Shranck
26. The Bowyer Helerion

All Tracks composed by Simon Kölle (www.simonkolle.com)