The Mixing of White Trash

”White Trash” or” Vitt Skräp” (in Swedish) has been delayed and delayed several times but finally it’s close to be a finished movie. The Score, me and Joel Forssell, completed in September and last night I did some final changes as the sound and music is being mixed by the great Ken Skoglund and Lasse Liljeholm. Looking forward to a theatrical release 2020.

20 episodes of the Podcast Musik i Film

The Swedish podcast Musik i Film (Music in Film) has the same name as the interest org. I am chariman and one of the founders of. It was supposed to only be about Composers and film Music but rather quickly it occured to me that I wanted to talk to Directors, Producers, Sound people, Actors etc. too. With the red thread though being Music. A podcast about Film Music, Game Music and the Film Industry in general. So far all episodes have been in Swedish.

I run the podcast with my friend Joel Forssell.

Head over to PODCAST and take a listen.

Music for games

Simon have revisited the wonderful game Conduct This on which he composed the soundtrack for back in in march/april. The game needed four versions of one of the two major themes. This app game might very well become a hit!

Simon has also made some Music for Paradox Interactive. Due to the contract nothing can be revealed right now.

Anton (OST) out now on Waerloga Records

Waerloga Records are proud to present the soundtrack album “Anton” which is released today. Simon Kölle mastered the soundtrack composed by the brother Mikael & Daniel Tjernberg. Look for that release and also other of Simon’s own releases (such as Za Frûmi, Musterion and Abnocto) on

Kabal – Chapter 1

“Kabal” is title of a swedish book written by Theodore Bergqvist. Simon has made music for a reading of the first chapter (in swedish). The chapter is read by famour swedish actor Reuben Sallmander. Below you can find more information about this book (in swedish).

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Chronological walkthrough of the activities since Christmas 2012

The following projects and news are presented in this news article:

Smitten, The Box,, Mixed Martial Arts – Myter, Fakta, Möten, Drakar och Demoner: Tronländaren – Behind the Scenes, Septekh, Heroes Fighting Championship and The Monitor Celestra – Larp event of the decade.

Simon is for sure not slowing down 2013. Here’s a chronology since last update:

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Danish short and Swedish TV Documentary

Simon has composed music for an experimental short film made by the talented director Daniel Salan in Copenhagen. More info about the short will come later on.

Simon has also been working together with Joel Forssell creating music for a Swedish TV Documentary which will be shown shortly on TV4Sport. Besides the composing of the music for the documentary Simon works as a sound mixer/editor.The Documentary is about the upcoming MMA fight were Nicklas Bäckström meets Martin Svensson.

Hem Ljuva Hem Exhibition At Polismuseet

Hem ljuva hem

Simon has made music and the sound engineering for two rooms that are a part of the exhibition “Hem, ljuva hem” (Home Sweet Home) which opens on December 3 at Polismuseet (The Police Museum) in Stockholm.

The exhibition deals with domestic violence through times. The two rooms which Simon has been a part in creating tell the stories of two real cases involving domestically abused women. The first case brings us back to 1925, and the other one is based in the 21st century. Two women, 80 years a part in time and yet so similar.

“Hem, ljuva hem” opens at Polismuseet on December 3, 2009.
Read more about the exhibition… (In Swedish)