Simon Kölle is a Film Composer and Film Producer with many skills gathered along the way.

Simon Kölle was born and raised in Stockholm 1977, Sweden and he already in an early age came to love stories. After years as a Playwright and Theatre Director Simon went into music wholeheartedly. Some 10+ albums later (first album released 2000) with bands such as Za Frûmi, Abnocto and solo Project Musterion , studies in Theatre and Film Science, Dramaturgy, Writing and Film Music; Simon shifted his focus to Film Music and Music to games. Simon has worked both in the Nordic countires and Hollywood. He’s been tributed by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, John Malkovich, Steven Seagal, won more than 20 international awards and been nominated on several more film festivals.  He always work very closely with the Director/Client. Simon is also an accomplished writer since 1997 in around 6000 articles and numerous projects on his resume.

Today Simon “only” work as a Film Composer and Film Producer. Together with  Richard Jarnhed Simon founded Tulpa Creatives.

Simon run his own podcast “Musik i Film” (in Swedish) with Joel Forssell were they meet with fellow composers and others in the Film and TV industry.
Simon is also a permanent member of “Fighterpodden” together with Mårten Söderström, Hans Wiklund and Elin Bladh.

Journalist & Sports commentator
Disclaimer: Simon does not take any jobs withing journalism but from now and then Work as a sports commentator, mainly in Sweden.
Besides composing and producing Simon is also an accomplished sports journalist focused on Martial Arts (mainly MMA). In that field he has owned, worked as editor in chief of,  was one of the owners of and the editor in chief at Fighter Magazine ( has written the first non-fiction work about Mixed Martial Arts ever to be published by a major Swedish publisher. Simon has worked as a Sports commentator since 2010 and is the permanent commentator of the biggest MMA organization in Sweden (Superior Challenge). In the martial arts of Scandinavia Simon is well known and is interviewed in many documentaries and has worked with Zuffa (Former owner of UFC), Sportbladet (Aftonbladet)  several commisions and been part of the jury of Kampsportsgalan (Swedish Martial Arts Awards).


Simon’s hobbies include being an instructor in HEMA and knife fighting, roleplaying games, Go, films, TV-series and of course MMA.


His greatest dream is to win an Academy Award for Best Original Score.