A Film Composer and Film Producer with many skills gathered along the way


Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, Simon already in an early age came to love stories. Fascinated with fantasy and roleplaying games Simon grew up in the roleplaying Community. After years as a Playwright and Director Simon went into music wholeheartedly. Some 10+ albums later, running a Record label and distribution for 10 years, studies in Theatre and Film Science, Dramaturgy, Writing and Film Music; Simon shifted his focus to Film Music. Simon has worked both in the Nordic countries and Hollywood. He’s been given accolades by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Oliver Stone, John Malkovich, Steven Seagal, won more than 20 international awards and been nominated on festivals in Hollywood, London and several other places. 2013 Simon started to produce film projects and have produced several features that’s been seen all over the world. Simon today works as a Composer and Film Producer. Simon is also an accomplished writer with some 20 years of experience as a professional.

Together with  Richard Jarnhed Simon founded the production company Tulpa Creatives.


Simon is a permanent member of “Fighterpodden” together with Mårten Söderström, Hans Wiklund and Elin Bladh.
Simon had  his own podcast “Musik i Film” (in Swedish) with Joel Forssell were they met with fellow composers and others in the Film and TV industry.

Journalist & Sports commentator

Disclaimer: Simon does not Work as journalist anymore. He though from now and then Work as a sports commentator, mainly in Sweden.

Besides composing and producing Simon is also an accomplished sports journalist focused on Martial Arts (mainly MMA). In that field he has owned, worked as editor in chief of, was one of the owners of and the editor in chief at Fighter Magazine ( Simon has written the first non-fiction work about Mixed Martial Arts ever to be published by a major Swedish publisher. Simon has worked as a Sports commentator since 2010 and is still today is the permanent commentator of the biggest MMA organization in Sweden (Superior Challenge). Right now, for American TV. In the martial arts scene, of Scandinavia, Simon is well known and has made an impact getting the sport noticed and recognized in Sweden. He has worked with Unibet, Zuffa (Former owner of UFC), Sportbladet (Aftonbladet) several commissioned work and been part of the jury of Kampsportsgalan (Swedish Martial Arts Awards).


Simon’s hobbies include Historical European Martial Arts, Knife Fighting, Roleplaying games, Go and MMA.


Winning an Academy Award for Best Original Score and best film.

Quotes from colleagues and reviews

Here’s a handful of words from people Simon worked with and Reviews

“This is wonderful and dark”

Ennio Morricone (Composer, The Hateful Eight, The Untuchables, The Mission)

“Simon Kölle is a masterful composer”

John Malkovich (Actor, Being John Malkovich, In the Line of Fire, Billions)

“I truly enjoy Simon Kölle’s music. I love the epics so much and he knows how to compose the right kind of music for it without overdoing it”

Oliver Stone (Director, JFK, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July)

“Simon remains one of the foremost and pioneering craftsmen in his genre and his multitude of works”

Michael Cunningham (Journalist, Judas Kiss and Compulsion)

“Simon is a composer who delivers all genres. His ability to manage input and feedback is impressive We have together moved through thriller, drama, advertising and corporate films. It is always a pleasure to work with someone who is as dedicated as yourself.”

Richard Jarnhed (Director, Black Lake, Re:volt, Truth about Marika, First Responders)

“Swedish-born composer Simon Kölle has been touted as one of the most significant Scandinavian musicians of his generation and genre… Reminds me of masters such as Devil Doll, Pink Floyd, David Lynch and Lovecraft.”

Ivan Racheck (Journalist at Chain DLK)

” Simon has the keen ability to interpret and improve the emotional context of a film like no other. Really extraordinary to work with and collaborates on everything.”

Lars Gustafson (Film Editor)

“In fact, The Huntress soundtrack contains some of the best music ever written for this genre”

Musical Zone Japan

“Simon Kölle is a director with a great responsiveness and very strong ability to create exciting moods. He is very musical and often works with a strong imagery!”

Erik Bolin (Actor, Beck, Alex, Vitt Skräp)

“The musical score is the work of composer, Simon Kölle who has created a wonderfully atmospheric work in which he utilises conventional and synthetic instrumentation and bolsters this with voice on occasion. The combination of so many sounds and styles make for a soundtrack that is innovative and entertaining. “

John Mansell (Journalist, Movie Music International)

“It’s a work of art in its own right, a perfectly structured ensemble, skillfully mixing visual art, screenplay and music.”

Julian (Journalist at Brokendolls)

“It’s not only stunningly beautiful but also composed with skill and a unique feel for the genre”

Henrik Johansson (Film Producer)

“Simon brings together his talent as a storyteller with his prowess as a cinematic dark ambient musician. The resulting creation is a surreal musical tale based around secret agent Dale Cooper. We are informed that agent Cooper is trapped in The Black Lodge which is a dark world that exists independent of our own.”

Malakhi Thorn (Journalist at Heathen Harvest)

“Filmen imponerar på både ögon och öron, med miljöer, foto, musik och kostymer.”

Karolina Fjellborg, Aftonbladet

“From the maddening labyrinths of Kafka and Lovecraft to the subverted reality of auteurs such as David Lynch, the mind has served as centre stage upon which a theatre of disorder is arrayed and played out. It is only natural then, that such theatre sits comfortably also within a purely audible medium. Simon Kölle, having a background in theatre and music, is well placed to further explore the demonic shades of the subconscious through his compositions.”

Michael Cunningham (Journalist, Judas Kiss and Compulsion)

“Fantastic soundtrack by composer Simon Kölle”

Nintendo Life

”Simon has a great talent to create amazing music for films, achieving a nice atmosphere very closed to the film itself. It really give their projects a touch of quality and good work, as well as passionate dedication.”

Carlos Serrano (Visual Effects)

” Simon knows how to deliver! From small personal to great epic moments. He’s incredibly dedicated and multifaceted.”

Rasmus Tirzitis (Director, The Huntress – Rune of the Dead, Ave Mater)

“I had the pleasure to work with Simon on my Fantasy Epic LEGEND OF DARK RIDER, a genre he is known to be great at. So, no surprise that his score was A-list and that film has now become one of the most awarded films in 2016. I was so happy with Simon that I championed him to do the score on my Steven Seagal Sci-fi/Action THE PERFECT WEAPON. I got what I wanted, and Simon made his Hollywood feature debut. And what a debut! I will work with Simon on many features to come, this is a man that can produce anything from Black Metal to Feel good movie score.”

Titus Paar (Director, The Perfect Weapon, Legend of Dark Rider, Living with the Secret Kogi Tribe)

“Simon is always very accurate and ambitious. He is very successful both inside and outside the MMA industry. He has broad knowledge of the sport and its athletes, both in Sweden and internationally. The experience of having been part of and establishing most of the Swedish MMA media qualified him for the obvious choice as one of Superior Challenge’s two commentators, and today, together with Omar Bouiche, he is an important part of Superior Challenge’s concept. Simon is always well prepared and professional, and now an important part of the organization.”

Babak Ashti (CEO and founder of Superior Group International)

“Simon is a man that does nothing halfway. The Film Music Kölle made for our short film Drakar och Demoner Tronländaren, lifted the production from hobby to Pro”

Hans Johansson (DoP and owner of Fandango Film)

“With bombastic and fragile brutality, Simon Kölle captures all the emotions in his music for Drakar och Demoner – Tronländaren. Simon Kölle is our Nordic John Williams. I am impressed.”

Stefan ´Cocos` Cronwall (Actor)

“Simon is one of the most productive people I have met. His ability to successfully handle a number of parallel complex responsibilities, while at the same time see and care about people around him, is truly amazing.”

Christer Persson (Chief Executive at Delegia AB)

“Always great production days in the studio and masterful field recordings”

Simon Heath (Music Producer and Label Manager of Cryo Chamber)