–Screenshot from the 2007 live show at Skansen on Swedish national TV (SVT), Kattis Ahlström interviews Simon Kölle about the win

Tittarnas Önskekonsert (The Viewers Wish Concert)
On Swedish National TV (SVT) – a music piece of Simon’s was performed by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra live on Skansen (Stockholm) with more than 1,3 million viewers.

Global Music Awards 2020, 2021
Outstanding Achivement Award (Composer)
Silver Medal (Composer)

Southern States Indie FanFilmFest 2020
Best Original Soundtrack over 20 minutes (Composer)

Vegas Movie Awards 2020
Best Original Score (Composer)
Best Narrative Feature (Producer)
Best Film of the Month (January) (Producer

Queen Palm Film Festival (2019)
Best Original Score (Composer)
Best Feature (Action/Mystery/Thriller) (Producer)
Best Producer (Honorable Mention) (Producer)

Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival
Best Picture (Producer)
Best Music Score (Composer)

London Independent Film Awards 2017
Best Original Score (Composer)

Oniros Film Awards 2019
Best Feature Film (Producer)

Musical Zone Japan
Best Soundtrack of the year (2 times)

International Monthly Film Festival
Best Trailer (Composer and Producer)

Wired Magazine
One of the 9 milestones of the Orc

Cosmic Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Horror (Producer)

Red Phoenix Underground Film Festival
Best Feature (Producer)

Philip K. Dick Film Festival
Best Horror Feature (Producer)

Stockholm Independent Film Festival
Best Foreign Film (Producer)

Five Continents International Film Festival
Best Feature Film of the Month (Producer)
Best Terror Feature Film 2017 (Producer)

Highway 61 Film Festival
Best Picture (Producer)

Barcelona Planet Film Festival
Best Trailer (Composer and Producer)

Stars Hollywood Festival
Best Action Film 2018 (Producer)

International Mobile Game Awards
Best Music (Composer)

The Swedish Arts Grants
Grant for the work as a composer


  • Logcinema Music Film Festival (Composer)
  • Prisma – Rome Independent Film Awards (Composer)
  • Oniros Film Festival (Composer)
  • Milan VOD Distribution Filmfest (Composer/Producer)
  • Frame by Sound Festival (Producer)
  • Los Angeles Film Festival (Producer)
  • TMFF (Composer/Producer)
  • Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Producer)
  • Wolves Independent International Film Awards (Composer/Producer)
  • Canada’s World International Film Festival (Composer/Producer)
  • Five Continents International Film Festival (Composer/Producer)
  • Gold Movie Awards – Goddess Nike (Composer/Producer)
  • Live at Heart Film (Producer)
  • Scare-a-con Festival (New England) (Producer)
  •  Queen Palm Film Festival (Honorable Mention) (Producer)

Best Film Awards

  • A total of 36 awards for best film (Composer)
  • A total of 52 nomination for best film (Composer)

Review qoutes and accomplishments

My music have been reviewed by many all over the world so this are just a few qoutes and accomplishments:

Ennio Morricone (Composer)
“This is wonderful and dark” (Ennio have on several occasions given praise to my music)

Wired Magazine
“The most intresting recent recordings out of middle-earth”

Musical Zone Japan
First 1000/1000

Chain D.L.K
Several albums/releases 5/5 stars

”The music! Simon Kölle, who earlier worked with the Director Titus Paar on movies like “Legend of Dark Rider: The Beginning”, “The Perfect Weapon” and Living with the secret Kogi Tribe” and others like the formerly mentioned “The Huntress: Rune of the Dead”, have created a lovely score. Together with Möller’s camera work creates a mood like no other. More standing ovations!”

Malignant Records
“There is NOTHING like this out there, period” award

“Simon Kolle’s mostly upbeat adventurous score fits the tone of the film well. However, when the tension mounts he’s able to draw upon some melodies that can be likened to Alan Silvestri’s masterful “Predator” score…The score is vibrant.”

Michael Cunningham (Journalist, Author)
“Simon remains one of the foremost and pioneering craftsmen in his genre and his multitude of works”

Attauallah Khan Esakhelvi (Musician)
“I have listen to your [Simon’s] music many times and I love it”

“An undisputed musical highlight of this year”, 2008
CD of the month (August), 2008

Sfi-fi Online / Graveyard
“This is the best album I’ve heard so far – and it kicks the crap out of a lot of movie soundtracks. 10/10”

Oliver Stone (Director)
“Fantastic Music which I love”

Dark Room Magazine
“Still again it’s a dark music full of tense and drama, captured by a pathos sometimes unmatched and with an exquisite Fantasy matrix. For a duo that keeps giving us splendid pages of dreaming musical art, by whose tunes you can let go of your mind towards less oppressing scenarios than the rarely encouraging reality of our times.”

Runa, Compulsion, Judas Kiss and Tolkien Society (Amon Hen)
“Convincing releases in that they comprise what their composers setout to realize – a sensorial tale through which the audience travels overvarying soundscapes with the imagined protagonists and are ably structured enough to be two of the foremost compositions in a rather obscure, but emerging, genre of music.”

Row Magazine
“The vocal capabilities of Simon Kölle are greatly showcased, a stunning voice soaring above any accompanying strings and ritualistic drums”

Kogainon Underground Music Magazine
“Fantasy Dark Epic Music at its most! Simon Kölle and Simon Heath have outdone themselves with the last two fresh materials”

Radio Rivendell
“All you readers need to know about this CD is that the music and story is done by masters and that this is a masterpiece!”…”I thought about giving this CD 6/5 but I am not allowed to do it so 5/5 it is!”

Monitor Records, Hong Kong
“Beautiful melodies from heaven”

John Malkovich (Actor)
“I really enjoy Simon’s Music”

Richard Jarnhed (Director, Script Writer)
“I have found a music brother, as nerdy as myself. Simon is a composer & producer who delivers all genres. His ability to manage input and feedback is
impressive. We have together moved through thriller, drama, advertising and corporate film. It is always a joy to work with someone who is as dedicated as himself”

Lars Gustafson (Editor)
Simon has the keen ability to interpret and improve the emotional context of a film like no other. Really extraordinary to work with and collaborates on everything.”

Rasmus Tirzitis (Director, Editor)
“Simon knows how to deliver! From small personal to great epic moments. He’s incredibly dedicated and  multifaceted.”

Titus Paar (Director, Script Writer)
“I will work with Simon on many features to come, this is a man that can produce anything from Black Metal to Feel good movie score.”

Aquarius Records
“When you think Ring Wraiths and Gollum and all that, do you think ‘this would go great with some new age music’? Neither do we. So come on Peter Jackson, here’s your chance to add some credibility to the LOTR soundtrack/score for part three!! COME ON!!!”

Scott Oden (Author)
“Your music is an inspiration; it not only helped me write a book, but it also soothed my nerves during a bad time in my life.”

Heathen Harvest
“These guys are extremely talented and have a great imagination. Immerse yourself in their world, and support these excellent musicians.”

Stefan Cronwall (Actor)
“Simon is our nordic John Williams. I am impressed”

Bleeding 4 Metal
“‘Ode to War’ with its orchestral elements is the most epic of the whole album and the heroic choirs give me goosebumps!”

“Den framstående filmkompositören och filmproducenten Simon Kölle skänkte tyngd till festivalen genom att dels vara ordförande för juryn, bestående av tunga namn från branschen, och leda hela kvällen som konferencier.”

“För den som inte känner till Simon så är han en av nordens mest etablerade filmkompositörer men han är också filmproducent med flera långfilmer på sitt CV. ”

“Den unge filmkompositören Simon Kölle, som bygger upp spänningen. Musiken ger oss en god lektion i Richard Wagners tankar om Ledmotiv (det vill säga en melodi eller ljud som följer en karaktär eller specifikt skeende som återkommer genom filmen).

“Filmkompositören Simon Kölle skapar här en musik med oerhörd professionell skicklighet.”