Writing The First Swedish Book About MMA

Simon is happy to announce that he signed recently with BTJ Förlag whom will publish his book about Mixed Martial Arts and distribute it in the mainstream. It’s still in the making and will be released sometime 2012.

Swedish publisher BTJ Förlag’s latest releases

Sakae Premiers On Friday

The Featurette Sakae is filled with both action and drama. Sakae is directed by Benjam Orre and with the music composed by Simon’s friend Hans Lundgren. Simon mixed the music of this samurai inspired movie.

The story: In ancient Japan a battle of power takes place. Who will decide the future of the people?

The original score will soon be availible on Spotify.

Sakae – Trailer from Hans Lundgren on Vimeo.

Aardia Released

This music of Aardia is the work of three swedish film composers Patric Söderlund, Daniel Johansson and Gustaf Grefberg. Simon mixed and mastered thier album Conquest of the Ancient Halls that had it’s release yesterday. Here’s a medley of all songs on the album:


Greek Short Film And A Busy Autumn

From a scene in “Destin”

Simon has composed, mastered and mixed a lot during the course of the autumn. The debuting, epic, dark fantasy inspired, cinematic music group called Aardia worked closely with Simon in several month’s to create a stunning album, they before working with Simon had worked on for almost two years, which will be released on Waerloga Records early 2011. Simon has also kept working with intro’s, cues to TV-shows and mastering albums on demand throughout the autumn.

Today Simon finished a remake of a soundtrack (made by Vincent Andelmoth) to a short art film made by the famous greek multimedia artist namned John Santerineross. The Short film is called Destin and the soundtrack is more or less dark ambient horror music with hints of mysticism and psychological drama. The score, made by Simon, will be featured in a compilation released 2011. See the short film Destin, here.

The cover and digipack back on the upcomming debut album of Aardia which Simon both mixed,
mastered and worked closely with during the whole autumn

Book Released Featuring Simon

Vägen till sångernaSimon is included in the Swedish book “Vägen till sångerna samtal om kreativitet och låtskrivande” (released sept. 2010).

The book is a series of interviews, one chapter each, made by swedish journalist Stefan Warnqvist and include bands such as: Backyard Babies, Miss Li, Timo Raisanen, Urban Tribe and more (a total of 22). Mainly Singer-songwriter’s from Sweden.

The book is in Swedish and is properly distributed here. Read more about it (in swedish) here. Simon foremost interviewed about his band Za Frumi but touches subjects such as composing for films and more.

TV Show Intros

Simon is making intros and other music to the webiste MMANYTT (mmanews), a website Simon also own together with some friends. The website got more than 400.000 unique readers every month. Simon is also hosting TV-shows viewed on the website. MMAnytt collaborates with among others TV4sport and Canal+sport and sponsor fighters such as Alexander Gustafsson who is fighting in the UFC.

Cues And Remixes For Remake

Simon has made cues, remixes and more for the remake of the 2002 film Pangaea (Pontus Belfrage & Andreas Troedssson). A epic action fantasy short that will be released 2011.


Early work with a scene for the remake

Simon Earn A Prestigious Swedish Grant

Konstnärsnämnden logo

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee has awarded Simon a grant for his work as a composer. The working party within the committee was comprised by nine members, all esteemed professionals. Considering Simon’s background in the underground scene, this award sends a clear message: the music of Simon Kolle is indeed to be taken seriously.

Mastered Lost Kingdom’s “Meant for Great Things”

Simon has finished mastering the swedish duo Lost Kingdom’s (Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg) upcomming CD release “Meant for Great Things” a while ago . The music is neo-classical and cinematic and will be released soon on Waerloga Records. Read more about Lost Kingdom here. Simon also signed up recently to master a debut album for the band Aardia which as with Lost Kingdom will be released this first half of 2010. To hire Simon to master an album contact him.

Great Reviews For Musterion “The Wondrous Journey Through The Catabombs Of Life”

The second installment of solo project Musterion has been given really good reviews in the media. Here’s a couple of qoutes:

“Swedish-born composer Simon Kölle has been touted as one of the most significant Scandinavian musicians of his generation and genre… Reminds me of masters such as Devil Doll, Pink Floyd, David Lynch and Lovecraft. The music is so unique and cinematic I nominate it to be the best dark ambient album this year [2010] for sure… I love this album.” 5/5 stars – Ivan Racheck @ Chaindlk.com

“Simon Kölle, having a background in theatre and music, is well placed to further explore the demonic shades of the subconscious through his compositions… ‘The Wondrous Journey…’ succeeds because it places a fresh nuance on the genre, and is capable of continually challenging as well as engaging the listener within ever encroaching walls of insanity.” Michael Cunninghamn @ Judas Kiss and Compulsion

“Simon takes his music to new levels of sophistication and refinement without compromising the allure and excitement of the sound. The entertainment factor rides high throughout this gem of a release.” 5/5 – Alexander Garrett @ Row Magazine

“The music, ancient and esoteric is cinematic and arcane which contains mostly organic and electro acoustic instruments. The compositions are complex and obscure. Fluently the music takes you on this psychedelic trip with care and precision.” Remco @ Gothtronic