Welcome To Simonkolle.com 2.0

It was time to make the website a little bit lighter and updated so here we go. Thanks to Amelie Sarlin who made this happen!

We are proud to present you with the official website of Swedish-based composer Simon Kölle. Here you will find information about Simon and his works. Be sure to check out the Audio page where you will find a selection of samples of his music, which is guaranteed to give you, chills of pleasure.

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Another Drakar och Demoner Short

Simon is working with the second short film in the Drakar och Demoner project. This short is called Drej Svartebrand and feature Erik Bolin (Troste) and Jenny-Li Levin (Jorna).

The musicians that worked with Giltes Bane also work on Drej Svartebrand. A special shutout to Susanne Cermenius, Arvid Rask, Oskar Sedemark. Thanks! Drej Svartebrand  is produced/written by Stefan Rydehed and directed by Fredrik Engelhag.

Pilot For The Upcoming Feature Film Drakar Och Demoner

The famous Swedish RPG “Drakar och Demoner” becomes a serious and dark film. The buzz surrounding this project is huge and already has the media and the fans of the game written about it. To kick the project off an ambitious pilot (a prequel) was shot.

Simon composed the music for the pilot called “Giltes Bane” and the music range from organic Nordic influenced music to dark and beautiful cues. One cue was inspired by the famous masked ball in “Eyes Wide Shut” but other than that it’s hard to resemble the score to much else. Simon was in some way inspired by Werner Herzog‘s film “Nosferatu” and more.

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Composed A TV Series Pilot

Finally Simon has finished the music for the Pilot (see below) which was first called “De Misstänkta” and now is called “Alex”. Simon has worked with the score together with Joel Forssell, a promising young composer, and also produced and mixed the music. Simon has worked with the music since late september. Audio samples will come up soon.

Mastered The Soundtrack For Chronicle Of The Black Monks

Simon has mastered the original motion picture soundtrack entitled “The Chronicle of the Black Monks” [Svartmunkarnas Krönika]. The score hold a total of eight, orchestral works by the duo Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg, ranging in style from sacral and profane renaissance to suspenseful cues. All cues are true the era in which the film takes place.

The film is a Swedish featurette with some rather famous Swedish actors (most known is Per Ragnar). Daniel and Mikael have worked very hard with this soundtrack and you can hear that in this album. You can buy the album here.

Release date: on New Year’s Eve 2011.

Working On A TV Series Pilot


Simon is right now composing music for a TV series Pilot with the working title “De Misstänkta” (which will not be the title). The Pilot star names such as Dragomir Mrsic from “Snabba Cash” (English title “Easy Money”), Anja Lundqvist (“Tusenbröder” etc.), Rebecca Holst (“Svaleskär”), Fyr Thorwald (“Andra Avenyn” and many more), Erik Bolin (“Res dej inte!” etc.), David Nzinga (“Familjen Babajou”), Ulric von Der Esch (“Kommisarie Winter” etc.), Lina Perned (“Ha ett underbart liv” etc.) and Ardalan Esmailli. Simon will produce the music. Simon is composing the score toghether with Joel Forssell.

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Produced The Swedish Band Tengil

Tengil is a band with a close connection to Cultus Ferox, Corvus Corax and Wolgemut. Simon has produced a demo album for Tengil which could become the next Corvus Corax for sure. The music is folk rock with two bagpipes, two electric guitars, bass, drums, mandolin and more. A very ambitious and big project.

Mixing And Mastering In Scissors

Simon mixed and mastered an album called “Mnemosyne & The Structure Of Time” made by Vincent Andelmoth project “In Scissors”. Vincent is living and working in Greece and the style of the album has been called “Cinematic Ambient”. This album is the third one composed by Vincent and “Mnemosyne” is the name of the the ancient Hellenic Titan goddess of memory and remembrance and the inventress of language and words. At times the album sounds like dark ambient and other times more like Dead Can Dance.

Composing For Dominick Cruz’s Video Blog

Simon is working close with A Small Village Productions which create artistic video productions. This time the director Jaser Davari travelled to the US to make a video blog about Dominick Cruz, a UFC champion, who’s about to defend his title. Simon has made the theme song, sound design and most probably will more of his music end up in the series. Take a look at the first episode above where you can here Simon’s theme song both in the begining and the end.

Theme Song For Akta Huvudet

The Swedish organization Akta Huvudet works diligently with anti violence throughout the country.They problematize violence from different point of views. Both the victims, perpetrators and Witness. The organization is touring Sweden showing the film Res dej inte! (Stay Down) but also doing seminars, studies, collaborating closly with scientist’s. With other words a very good cause and great work on many different levels. This summer the film will be shown on several festivals and the bigest movie theatre in Sweden.

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Leaving MMAnytt.se, Tengil, Writing, Composing

After two years of hard work with MMAnytt.se it’s time to move on. The website is still a friend of Simon but writing and working with MMA will be done on another place, from now on, called Kimura.se. Simon was one of driving forces to make MMAnytt.se become the most visited website about Mixed Martial Arts in all of Scandinavia with more than 500.000 unique visitors every month.

Right now Simon is very busy working with his book and his main profession: composing. Recently, also, Simon begun helping a swedish folk rock oriented music group called Tengil. Tengil have deep ties with Cultus Ferox, Corvus Corax and Wolgemut and Simon is working as Tengil’s manager and also mixing and mastering the music.

Other than that Simon is working dilligently with his book and of course, as mentioned before, with composing. A couple of film project are lining up but nothing is set in stone yet other than that Simon will work with the director Richard Jarnhed. More info will be revealed soon.

Two of the 7 members of Tengil